Lonza Offers Lonzagard Disinfectants for Flu Virus Infection Prevention and Control

Lonza Consumer Cares Hygiene business offers the comprehensive Lonzagard® line of highly effective disinfectant formulations that are helping hospitals and healthcare providers, homeowners, school janitorial cleaning service personnel and others combat seasonal flu viruses causing serious illnesses.

A number of Lonza formulations have been demonstrated to inactivate certain flu viruses on hard surfaces; these highly effective European products include Lonzagard® DR-25aN, DM 114-10 and DR-LS-13N disinfectant formulations. In the United States, Lonza has multiple EPA-registered product families that have been tested against influenza A strains, such as the Lonzagard ® HWS Series, R82 Series and P Series.

With the CDC estimating that fewer than 45 percent of eligible people have actually received flu vaccination shots this season, it is all the more important to use preventive measures such as disinfecting wipes, sprays and liquids on high contact surfaces, says Ernesto Lippert, global marketing director of hygiene and preservation for Lonza. Multiple Lonzagard® formulations have been tested and have proven effective against major influenza strains. Its a comfort to have protective products like these that can break the chain of transmission.

In general, influenza viruses are sensitive to chemical disinfectants, such as Lonzas products. As protection from those viruses, health authorities recommend frequent and regular handwashing with soap or antibacterial hand soaps, and the use of disinfectants or sanitizers to clean high-contact surfaces such as faucet and refrigerator handles, kitchen counters and bathrooms.

Available as disinfecting wipes, sprays and liquids, Lonzagard® formulations act quickly to eliminate flu viruses as well as other pathogenic bacteria and viruses on multiple surfaces.

Source: Lonza