Major Supermarket Chain Introduces SureBeam Technology That Effectively Eliminates Threat of Some Bacteria in Foods

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- SureBeam Corporation announced today that shoppers throughout the New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia metropolitan areas can now buy SureBeam processed fresh ground beef at Pathmark Supermarkets, one of the top 15 supermarket retailers in the U.S. Pathmark Stores, Inc. joins thousands of supermarkets across the country in offering consumers meat processed with SureBeam Corporation's revolutionary electron beam technology, a process that uses ordinary electricity to safely eliminate the threat of dangerous bacteria from food products. The fresh ground beef is available in several case-ready product offerings.

"Pathmark's goal is to provide our customers with a wide array of healthy, great tasting fresh meat," said Jim Donald, President and CEO of Pathmark Stores. "Now, with SureBeam processing, we can offer our customers safer choices, without compromising taste or nutrition."

"Today's consumers are demanding a choice from their trusted retailers," said Larry Oberkfell, SureBeam's chairman, president and CEO. "Working together with our retailer and processor partners, we are able to offer the consumer a high quality, safer ground beef product."

Similar to a microwave oven, SureBeam technology uses electricity as an energy source to irradiate and help to eliminate harmful bacteria such as E. coli, listeria, and salmonella. The SureBeam patented system is based on proven electron beam technology that destroys dangerous bacteria, much like thermal pasteurization does to milk. SureBeam processed ground beef and fruit products are already sold across the country in thousands of supermarkets, as well as by home delivery, direct mail and through food service.

Pathmark is one of the nation's leading supermarket retailers located in the densely populated New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia corridor. Currently operating 143 stores in four states (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware), Pathmark, one of the top supermarket chains in the U.S., is headquartered in Carteret, N.J.

Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., SureBeam Corporation is a leading provider of electron beam food safety systems and services for the food industry. SureBeam's technology significantly improves food quality, prolongs shelf life, and provides disinfestation that helps to protect the environment. The SureBeam patented system is based on proven electron beam and x-ray technology that destroys harmful food-borne bacteria much like thermal pasteurization does to milk. This technology can also eliminate the need for toxic chemical fumigants used in pest control that may be harmful to the earth's ozone layer. For its "great step" into food safety, SureBeam's revolutionary technology is the winner of Food Processing Magazine's "Innovation Award" for 2001.

Source: PRNewswire