Manufacturers Must Provide Customized CSSD Solutions, New Research Report Says

In research firm Frost & Sullivan's new report, "Western European Decontamination Equipment Market," analysts say that infection control is the primary means of containing healthcare-acquired infections (HAI) as well as pandemic outbreaks, and that innovative products that cater to the specific needs of healthcare providers and central sterile supply departments (CSSDs) will continue to support steady market growth. However, the analysts add, the market is in its mature phase, and lengthy product lifecycles translate to fewer purchases to replace existing equipment.

The research report service looks at the decontamination equipment market in western Europe, covering the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Benelux and Scandinavi and addresses the sectors of cleaning, disinfection, sterilizers, sterilization assurance and sterile packaging.

The heightened focus on patient safety, paralleled by the rise in global pandemics like swine flu and avian flu, has underlined the importance of efficient decontamination equipment, the report says. Product innovation will be the key to success in the highly competitive and mature western European decontamination equipment market. Patient safety initiatives and the incidence of swine flu have led to the increased focus on decontamination, notes the analyst of this research. Product innovation will be the key to leveraging growth opportunities and sustaining market expansion.

Analysts also say that constraints on healthcare budgets represent a major deterrent to market prospects. The large capital investment required to purchase decontamination equipment is further discouraging potential buyers from investing in new equipment. Manufacturers need to focus on product quality and efficacy. They must also make an effort to design customised solutions as well as offer value-added services such as evaluating the requirements of healthcare providers and accordingly training CSSD personnel. Analysts suggest that manufacturers need to position themselves as complete solution providers in terms of evaluation of requirements, solutions, installation, training and after sales service, advises the analyst. Such an approach will enable them to gain a competitive edge in this highly competitive market.