MedAssets Contracts With Zassi Medical Evolutions, Inc. for Its Bowel Management System Designed to Improve Skin and Wound Care and Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. -- Zassi Medical Evolutions announced today the signing of an agreement with MedAssets to provide its bowel management system to MedAssets' member facilities. The 36-month agreement was effective as of May 1, 2005.


The Zassi Bowel Management System (BMS) provides healthcare clinicians with an innovative bowel management catheter that helps them to work more efficiently in reducing the incidence of hospital-acquired infections arising out of contact and contamination by feces from non-ambulatory patient populations.  Because of its unique design, the Zassi BMS is the only system that safely manages all stool types and provides a means for clinicians to take stool samples hygienically and deliver drugs and medications.  The System is also uniquely designed and offered in multiple sizes to enhance patient comfort.


Zassi Medical Evolutions is focused on creating and developing the growing bowel management practice area. The Zassi Bowel Management System  is designed to provide advanced management of fecal incontinence that helps improve skin and wound care and assists in reducing patient and caregiver exposure to enteric organisms that result in hospital-acquired infections.


"It is MedAssets' goal to provide innovative product solutions as each of our members seek methods to reduce the incidence of costly hospital-acquired infection," stated Rand Ballard, president of MedAssets Supply Chain and Business Services Group. "The addition of the Zassi bowel management system to our contract portfolio validates the product's importance in fighting the spread of hospital-acquired infections for our member facilities."


"Since the launch of the Zassi BMS to the healthcare community in 2003, this breakthrough technology is being avidly embraced by the medical community and clearly serves a critical new role in this fight against hospital-acquired infections," stated Peter von Dyck, Zassi president and CEO.  "We are confident that MedAssets' customers will take full advantage of this new system as they continue to find ways to implement new technologies and practices that increase infection control measures.


Source: MedAssets and Zassi Medical Evolutions