Medivators Announces FDA Clearance of DSD Edge Automated Endoscope Reprocessor

Medivators Reprocessing Systems, a Minntech Corporation business group, announces it has received FDA 510(k) clearance of the Medivators DSD Edge automated endoscope reprocessor for the high-level disinfection of flexible, heat-sensitive endoscopes. 

The Medivators DSD Edge is a dual-basin, asynchronous automated endoscope reprocessor designed for use in busy hospitals and endoscopy centers.  Based on the popular and easy-to-use Medivators DSD-201, the Medivators DSD Edge is designed to provide the fastest endoscope turn-around time in the United States with a reprocessing cycle as short as 22 minutes.

The DSD Edge utilizes Rapicide® PA High Level Disinfectant, a single-use, environmentally responsible, endoscope-safe formulation. Rapicide PA is aldehyde-free, and is designed specifically to high-level disinfect at the low temperature of 30 degrees C, thus assuring excellent compatibility with all endoscope materials. Its user-friendly packaging and usage design reduce worker exposure for safer handling. The peracetic acid solution used during a DSD Edge reprocessing cycle does not have to be neutralized prior to disposal, as the breakdown products of peracetic acid are water, oxygen, and acetic acid. 

Other standard features of the DSD Edge include: automated leak testing to minimize leak-related repair costs, a final alcohol purge to facilitate drying of endoscope channels, and an optional supplemental wash cycle using Intercept Detergent provides for additional and consistent cleaning of the endoscope.  An optional data management system for cycle tracking and record keeping is also available.

Paul Harding, Medivators general manager, stated, “Lengthy endoscope reprocessing cycle times can lead to procedure bottlenecks. We recognize the need for patient safety along with quicker endoscope turnaround times that result in not only increased procedures and more efficient utilization of endoscope inventory, but also the very positive financial impact this can have on the unit’s operating budget."