MEDIVATORS Launches Endoscope Tracking System to Bolster Patient Safety

MEDIVATORS Inc., a leading medical device manufacturer with more than 30 years in endoscopy product and technology development, announces the debut of the ENDORA Endoscope Tracking System, an electronic documentation system that tracks endoscopes through each step of the reprocessing cycle to ensure they undergo high-level disinfection before being used on patients.

Because proper endoscope reprocessing is critical to patient safety, ENDORA, which stands for Endoscope Reprocessing Assurance, was designed to alert the operator and send an email notification to management if a breach in any step of the reprocessing cycle is detected. ENDORA also monitors endoscope storage and issues notifications when allowed storage time is exceeded.

"ENDORA helps eliminate the risk of patient cross-contamination," says Don Byrne, president of MEDIVATORS Endoscopy Business Group.  "This is a very real concern because of the nature of endoscope reprocessing. Recently at two of our facility installations, the ENDORA system successfully prevented dirty endoscopes from being used on patients."

With hands free data entry, cutting edge technology and customizable software that can be tailored to each facility's reprocessing protocols, ENDORA provides comprehensive paperless documentation with time stamping to maximize quality assurance and workflow efficiency.  ENDORA also provides tools for analyzing productivity, operator performance and endoscope use, as well as inventory management.  A scope repair module is included in the system to log information on scope damages, repairs and costs.

"We at MEDIVATORS remain committed to helping endoscopy departments provide safer endoscopy environments, improve efficiency and increase revenue.  ENDORA helps accomplish all three," says Byrne.

MEDIVATORS Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cantel Medical Corp., is a leading provider of infection control products and services that ensure the safe and proper disinfection of flexible endoscopes and other devices. Beyond the full line of MEDIVATORS® medical device reprocessing systems, disinfectants, detergents and other supplies for endoscopy, MEDIVATORS also provides sterilants, dialysate concentrates and other supplies for renal dialysis, hollow fiber membrane filtration and separation technologies for medical and non medical applications and liquid chemical germicides and decontamination products and services used in other applications for infection prevention and control.