MERS Defeated by AsepticSure in Trials

Medizone International, Inc. announces excellent midpoint results from its new anti-viral research initiative in collaboration with a world-renowned virology institute.

"Medizone has now completed multiple decontamination runs with well characterized samples of adenovirus and MERS," says Dr. Michael Shannon, Medizone's president. "We are pleased to announce that each run has shown 100 percent kill in a full-scale room setting. Since all of the virology work has been carried out by an internationally respected team of virologists, we have complete confidence that these findings are correct. By destroying both of these viruses, one a non-enveloped virus and the second an enveloped coronavirus, our understanding of the biological limits for AsepticSure® has been expanded dramatically and of course so has the range of medical applications." 

Shannon adds, "Although still preliminary, we have successfully achieved a 6 log kill with the adenovirus and a 5.4 log kill with the coronavirus. Efforts are continuing with the Coronavirus to grow it in high enough concentrations to elucidate AsepticSure's full decontamination capability with this deadly virus. Once this work has been completed, we plan to shift our focus to norovirus. These new findings should have intriguing implications for the management of new deadly outbreaks world wide. Experts in this field have known for years that bacterial spores and non enveloped viruses are at the top of the biological resistance list for pathogens and we have data by the truck load confirming that AsepticSure can achieve 100 percent kill of these pathogens at very high concentrations. What is most exciting about these recent findings is that highly lethal viruses such as Ebola should be extremely susceptible to AsepticSure disinfection, which may therefore see AsepticSure emerge as a vital component in global efforts to control these new deadly outbreaks."

Source: Medizone International, Inc.