Metrics Management Modeling Delivers Perioperative Optimization

PREZIO Health simplifies the complexity of surgical services with a proprietary perioperative optimization service called Metrics Management Modeling (M3). This individualized model combines information along with operational and technical capabilities to assess, prioritize, map and execute evidence-based, best-demonstrated practices to drive quantifiable improvements for the surgical patient - both clinical and financial.

Stress in the operating room manifests itself in many ways, ranging from frustrated surgeons and staff to patients being put in harms way. Capable surgical teams are hampered by a series of "intertwingled" chaos drivers that individually are easy to overcome, but when combined are potentially disastrous from both a safety and cost perspective. M3 is a systematic, proven program that unwinds the cross functional causes of chaos that hospitals are simply not resourced to address.

PREZIO Healths M3 service focuses on patient care with specific attention on improving the surgical providers clinical, financial and operational outcomes.  If your organization is experiencing difficulties in physician preference cards, surgical site infections, insufficient capital, reprocessing capacity, charge capture, and/or blood utilization, reach out to us, says PREZIO Healths chief clinical officer Gary Stroud, RN, MSN.

PREZIOs Metrics Management Modeling is not an off-the-shelf workflow solution for a hospital. It is a culmination of a multi-year product development process that was inspired by hands on experience at Intermountain Health and completed at PREZIO Health with the assistance of our Information Technology Group, according to Stroud. The M3 perioperative optimization program identifies and reduces variables that negatively impact perioperative workflow. M3 is backed by PREZIO Healths performance guarantee to create efficiencies. Our service is patient centric and through our program we promise to provide a return on each healthcare providers investment.