Mobile Aspects Releases Next Generation of Endoscope Tracking System

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Mobile Aspects announces the availability of an enhanced design of its RFID enabled endoscope tracking system, iRIScope. Targeted at increasing care quality and patient safety, iRIScope 2.0 offers additional functional and technical capabilities to help care providers enhance their processes for endoscope storage, use and reprocessing.

Over the past year, several incidents have been reported around infectious diseases being transmitted to patients due to the improper cleaning and reprocessing of endoscopes. Some industry experts have identified the contamination of flexible endoscopes as a leading cause of healthcare-associated infections.(1) These experts also advocate that process controls are the best solution to address these quality concerns.

With these challenges facing care providers, iRIScope 2.0 delivers a powerful solution to enable workflow automation and create standardized processes and controls for endoscope utilization. Major highlights of iRIScope 2.0 include:


- New storage cabinet models to accommodate wider ranges of flexible endoscope quantities

- Increased storage cabinet height to allow longer colonoscopes to hang vertically and more effectively drain instrument channels

- Reduced storage cabinet depth and the addition of French doors to allow more efficient removal and return of flexible endoscopes

- Positive-pressurized storage cabinets with filtered air to enhance maintenance of high level disinfection (HLD) state for reprocessed endoscopes

- Surveillance monitoring of endoscope disinfection status and automatic notification to clinical staff when timeframes between endoscope reprocessing exceed safe levels

- Enhanced reporting and analytics modules focused on key measures of patient safety, unit efficiency and cost reduction

"We are pleased to release the next version of our iRIScope endoscope tracking system and feel the delivery of these enhanced capabilities could not be more timely," says Suneil Mandava, president and CEO of Mobile Aspects. "We are committed to working closely with care providers to address the serious safety and quality concerns that have emerged around the use and reprocessing of flexible endoscopes. With the additional functional and technical enhancements, we feel the system can deliver immediate benefits to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality in patient care."

Reference: 1. Gillespie EE, Kotsanas D, Stuart RL. Microbiological monitoring of endoscopes: 5-year review. J Gastroenterol Hepatol 2008;23(7 Pt 1):1069-74.