Multisorb to Showcase Liquid Medical Waste Solutions at OR Today Live! Surgical Conference

Multisorb Technologies will highlight its medical spill and liquid containment solutions at the OR Today Live! Surgical Conference in Las Vegas, Aug. 30 through Sept. 1, 2015. Multisorb will be featuring its SaniSorb® medical liquid solidifiers and DriMop® liquid absorbers.

SaniSorb medical liquid solidifier is used in many healthcare facilities to rapidly contain infectious waste. Packaged in premeasured and dissolvable pouches, SaniSorb helps to eliminate spills, splashes, and the threat of cross-contamination caused by the handling of liquid medical waste. By quickly congealing bio-hazardous waste in suction canisters, the packets help to reduce OR staff exposure and ensure patient safety during surgical procedures. The packets are simply dropped into the suction canister, kick bucket or other bio-fluid waste container and quickly immobilize the fluid, eliminating the need to tear open pouches or to pour the absorbent into the application as required by other products.

This self-bursting technology provides an effective solution for adhering to requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation's Hazardous Materials Regulations regarding absorbent material use for stored and transported medical waste. Manufactured in the United States, SaniSorb is available in three pre-measured packet sizes (5 gram, 7.5 gram and 15 gram) making it compatible for use with all size systems including negative pressure wound care systems, small suction canisters and large canister units.

Multisorb will also be featuring its super absorbent DriMop liquid absorber, the ideal solution for the shipping, storing, and handling of aqueous solutions that must be contained. DriMop is available in self-bursting pouches and laminated sheets. The most common applications for the use of DriMop liquid absorbers include medical shipping containers and bio-specimen transportation bags used for vials, test kits and lab trays.

Source: Multisorb Technologies