Nasal Decolonization for Prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections Guidebook

Nozin Nasal Sanitizer antiseptic is a professionally valued and sensible approach in the effort to reduce the risk of infection.

Nasal decolonization, the process of applying a topical agent to reduce the resident microorganisms and the transient microorganisms in the anterior nares, has been demonstrated to reduce the risk for multiple types of healthcare-associated infection. The nose is the body site where the highest counts of S. aureus and MRSA can be found for individuals who are colonized, yet nose touching has been reported to occur on average 250 times per day, which can result in contaminated healthcare worker and/or patient hands.

This guidebook explores the imperatives associated with nasal decolonization as well as reviews currently available decolonizing agents. It also outlines what guidelines have to say about this critical intervention, and makes some suggestions for effective product evaluation and purchasing.

Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic is an innovative, patented product that benefits consumers, health professionals and their patients by providing extra protection against germs. Because hand-to-nose contact is an important mechanism for the transmission infection, it can be beneficial to sanitize the skin on the nose as well as on the hands.

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