New Cloud-Based Automation and Analytics Solutions Help Hospitals Remove Cost from OR Supply Chain

To help eliminate the more than $5 billion in waste each year in the U.S., Cardinal Health™ Inventory Management Solutions announced the launch of automated, cloud-based workflow modules for biological implants, sutures, and trauma and spine implants to help manage complicated operating room inventory, eliminate waste and remove cost from the operating room (OR) supply chain.

The new modules can help hospital supply chain and clinical executives manage device and implantable inventory and workflows. These complex and expensive challenges can cause billions of dollars to be wasted annually through expiration, loss or uncaptured charges. The new Cardinal Health™ solutions can help increase visibility to product demand and consumption and reduce waste incurred during manual processes.

“Adding to our existing automated, cloud-based analytics platform, the operating room workflow solutions provide a comprehensive, scalable operating room solution that can help hospitals take costs out of their operating room supply chain,” says Jean-Claude Saghbini, vice president and general manager of Cardinal Health™ Inventory Management Solutions.

The new Cardinal Health™ Inventory Management Solutions OR workflow modules help hospitals maintain chain of custody documentation, identify unused inventory for returns, and avoid product expiration. The solution integrates with electronic medical records and other hospital IT systems for more accurate charge capture and interoperability. Through the use of RFID tagging and barcode, the modules provide full visibility for day-to-day management and enable long-term inventory planning.

“The intricacy of managing inventory for biological implants, sutures, and trauma and spine implants is demanding, so we designed a simplified solution to reduce non-value-added activities and tedious manual tasks that can lead to human error,” says Saghbini. “Driving out inventory waste is a priority, but more importantly, we’re supporting our customers in their mission to ensure better, cost-effective patient care.”

Data source: PNC Healthcare, GHX Quantitative Research Study in 2011

Source: Cardinal Health