New Jersey Company Focused on Cleaning for Health

Infection Control Technologies, a division of Insurance Restoration Specialists Inc., announces its "Cleaning for Health" program aimed at facilities and households impacted by patients with compromised immune systems. Insurance Restoration Specialists Inc. has been handling environmental cleaning and restoration services for more than 25 years. Infection Control Technologies was a natural fit in the company business growth, as division manager Thomas Licker explains, "There are a lot of people out there with health problems who are experiencing difficulties with maintaining a healthy environment in their own home or facility. Cleaning for appearance looks great, but when a patient is discharged from the healthcare facility, they could be sent back into what could be a potentially unhealthy environment. In a lot of cases, this patient with a compromised immunity is only going to end back up in the hospital with another infection, leading to increased healthcare costs and loss of quality life."

Infection Control Technologies would like to turn this process around by offering its holistic building hygiene approach to these patients and residents. It uses a variety of different applications including air duct sanitizing and a hospital-grade disinfectant (BioSpray D2) that can be applied to all touch points, high-risk areas, including computers and other electronics.

The final process involves a product (BioShield 75) that is a preventive antimicrobial nano-coating, lasting from 90 days to more than one year to environmental surfaces. All applications are followed by a rigorous quality control program that meet and exceed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

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