New Line of Bacterial Inhibition Covers for High-Touch Surfaces in Healthcare

LGInternational (LGI), manufacturer of advanced labeling solutions, and Sharklet Technologies, Inc., developer of the Sharklet technology that inhibits bacterial survival and transfer through a surface micro-pattern, announce a breakthrough business agreement through which LGI has licensed Sharklet-patterned films to create a new line of bacterial inhibition products targeted for use on high-touch surfaces in the healthcare market. LGI is bringing the bacterial inhibition covers to market via its Tactivex® product line.

LGIs Tactivex with Sharklet products are semi-durable covers that can be used in the form of an adhesive backed protective skin or as easy-to-use protective mats. Tactivex products are applied to high-touch surfaces in healthcare environments that serve as vectors for disease transfer. The covers feature the Sharklet micro-pattern on the surface of the product. Sharklet is the worlds first micro-pattern designed to inhibit the survival and transfer of bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and a host of other bacteria that serve as primary culprits for hospital-acquired infections. The pattern is free of disinfectants, chemicals and toxins; it is the Sharklet pattern alone that inhibits bacterial survival and reduces transfer of bacteria to hands when touched. Based on Sharklets ability to inhibit bacterial growth through a micro-pattern and its biomimetic inspiration from sharkskin, Sharklet was recently featured on the high-profile PBS NOVA series "Making Stuff: Smarter."

The Tactivex product line will feature covers for the surfaces that microbiologists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have identified as critical for keeping clean. These surfaces include: patient bed rails, overbed tray tables, bedside tables, staff call handsets, patient room light switches and door levers. The Tactivex line will also feature a product for nurse stations and areas that serve as pivot points of activity between patient room visits.

"As the pioneer of labels and film-based products for controlled environments, LGInternational has had a long-standing commitment to preserving the cleanliness of environments. With Tactivex, we are taking this to an entirely new level by transforming high-touch surfaces into cleaner areas. Tactivex powered by the Sharklet technology creates a cleanliness safety net that is virtually impossible to achieve in settings where surfaces cannot be sanitized after every contamination," says Mike Martin, president and owner of LGInternational. "We are proud to work with this innovative bacterial inhibition technology, which enables LGI to bring a product to market that is chemical free and does not contribute to growing problems associated with bacterial resistance."

Currently, 271 people, the equivalent of one airline crash, die each day from hospital-acquired infections. HAIs kill more people than AIDS, breast cancer and auto accidents combined. In a recent CDC paper detailing Options for Evaluating Environmental Cleaning, it was noted that all hospitals are encouraged to develop programs to optimize thoroughness of high-touch surface cleaning at the time of discharge or transfer of patients. While no products were endorsed by the CDC, with deployment of Tactivex with Sharklet, hospitals can improve overall hygiene efforts by keeping surfaces cleaner between cleanings.

"We are pleased to enter this licensing arrangement with LGInternational to bring Sharklet-patterned films to market under the Tactivex brand," says Mark Spiecker, chief executive officer at Sharklet Technologies. "LGI is renowned for advancing the technology of labels and bringing innovative products to clean room environments. We expect the company to be equally successful in delivering this innovative product to the healthcare market."

The Tactivex products are available as standard products and can also be tailored to specific requirements. For more information, contact LGInternational through