New Whitepaper Helps Businesses Combat Flies

Capable of carrying billions of germs, flies are more than just a nuisance theyre a threat to businesses. Atlanta-based pest control firm Rollins Inc. has released a new whitepaper to help businesses educate and train their employees about flies and implement best practices for fly prevention and remediation.

In Fly Control: Understanding the Threats to Your Business, Rollins pest experts Greg Baumann and Ron Harrison explore the most common fly species and treatment options.

Flies can be a real problem for all types of commercial business settings, says Baumann, vice president of training and technical services for Orkin. Flies can irritate customers, transmit disease, contaminate products and put your business at risk. The good news is that awareness, employee education and prevention can go a long way in protecting your business.

The whitepaper is available for complimentary download at in the Orkin University section, a supplemental site where business owners and operators can find additional resources to help protect their businesses from pests.