NuShield Offers a Germ-Fighting Solution to Healthcare Facilities

NuShield, Inc., an industry leader in LCD screen protection and glare-elimination technology, is providing a vital solution to healthcare facilities that are using mobile and stationary computer technology as part of their patient monitoring or electronic documentation system.
A study in 2013 by the National Institutes of Health found that the use of tablets and other handheld devices leads to a "remarkable amount of microbial surface contamination," on the LCD surface of these devices and that standardized disinfection with isopropanol wipes "significantly reduces this microbial load." However, the study's authors also noted that "applying a disinfection procedure such as the one we propose may lead to losing the manufacturer's warranty for the devices." Or worse, the antiglare coating on the LCD display can dissolve, leaving smudge spots.
The NuShield Triple A antiglare, anti-microbial and anti-fingerprint overlay film has been specifically designed to eliminate germs and protect the display surface in health care environments. The film's anti-microbial property has shown a reduction rate of 99 percent over a 24 hour period in laboratory tests using colon bacillus and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. The Triple A continually inhibits the growth of germs on the surface and stands up to cleaning with harsh chemical solvents without degrading the anti-microbial protection and protects the device from damage. The antiglare property prevents the transmission and reflection of 99 percent ultraviolet light from reaching the user's eyes, which can cause eye-strain and computer vision syndrome. 
The Triple A film uses a slightly tacky silicone rubber instead of a traditional pressure sensitive adhesive, which means the film is easily applied and removed and will not trap air. The film can be cleaned with solvent, bleach, rubbing alcohol, dilute alkalis, esters, and other disinfectants to eliminate germs on the screen, and it will not dilute its antimicrobial properties. There is no other product on the market today that combines these features.
Typical equipment using the Triple A film include the iPad or PC tablets, monitoring displays, computers on wheels (COW), patient warning devices, lab equipment with LCD or LED interfaces, laptop computers, smart phones, non-critical monitors and television screens up to 80 inches diagonally.
Source: NuShield, Inc.