Particle Sciences Develops Wax Nanoparticles that Enhance Immune Response to Antigens

Particle Sciences Inc. announces it has formulated a series of wax nanoparticles that, when coupled with an antigen, enhanced its immunogenicity, increasing both systemic and the mucosal immune response. The work is described in the journal Vaccine (Dec. 8, 2010) in a paper titled, "Carnauba wax nanoparticles enhance strong systemic and mucosal cellular and humoral immune responses to HIV-gp140 antigen."

In the paper, it is shown that by charge coupling the antigen with the wax nanoparticles, intradermal vaccination resulted in high levels of specific IgG response equal or greater than that of traditional adjuvants. Additionally, intranasal vaccination with antigen coupled wax nanoparticles induced a significant mucosal response. By themselves the wax nanoparticles are non-inflammatory.

The experimental work was performed at the Division of Clinical Sciences, St George's University, London and lead by Dr. Mauricio Arias.

According to Dr. Andrew Loxley, Particle Sciences' director of new technologies, "While these are preliminary experiments, the data is very encouraging and we are hopeful this approach can be exploited in the creation of more effective and affordable vaccines. The wax nanoparticles are stable to storage and easily and affordably produced."