PDI Announces Winner in 'Delivering the Difference' Contest


PDI, a leader in infection prevention products and solutions, announces that Oakwood Healthcare in Dearborn, Mich. has been selected as the winning entry in Delivering the Difference, a contest recognizing industry professionals who display excellence in building collaborative relationships between infection prevention (IP) and environmental services (ES) teams in healthcare facilities.
Oakwood Healthcare's infection preventionist, Priscila Bercea, collaborated with environmental services regional manager, Alissa Bachnak, and the corporate IP and ES teams to address key challenges, including poor compliance with routine cleaning of high-touch areas and multi-use equipment, overuse of bleach products resulting in surface damage and general education deficiencies around product use. Together, the teams established a structured approach that improved environmental hygiene and networking across the entire healthcare system.
The following key initiatives developed through the successful collaboration continue to drive positive results for the facility:
• Implementation of a recognizable product line that is strategically placed in the appropriate rooms
• Installation of brackets on mobile and multi-use equipment to promote ease-of-use
• Placement of educational posters and contact time stickers on all compliance tools to clearly communicate the "what, when and how" of each product
• Establishment of a monthly Infection Control Liaison Program composed of the IP, a clinical staff member and an ES liaison from every department to share important data and facilitate discussion
• Attendance by both the infection preventionist and ES management director at monthly corporate IP and ES meetings
"We are honored and proud to be recognized by PDI and Delivering the Difference for the improvements and collaboration we implemented in our facilities," says Priscila Bercea. "The journey over the past few years between infection prevention and environmental services has increased our mutual passion toward a positive patient outcome and family experience."

"Strong partnerships between infection prevention and environmental services professionals have tremendous benefits, such as improved patient outcomes, increased efficiencies around processes and reduced costs," says Dr. Hudson Garrett, vice president of clinical affairs at PDI. "The impact resulting from collaboration at Oakwood Healthcare is sustainable and transferable, so we're pleased to share their story and encourage others to work toward similar initiatives."
PDI will host a booth at the 2015 APIC Annual Conference in Nashville, Tenn. from June 27 to 29, 2015, and Priscila Bercea and Alissa Bachnak will be part of a presentation on Delivering the Difference where they will share a case study on Oakwood Healthcare. They will also present with PDI at the 2015 AHE Exchange inGrapevine, Tex. on September 21, 2015. PDI continues to have a strong partnership with both APIC and AHE.
Source: PDI

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