PDI Introduces Advanced-Formula, Antimicrobial, Alcohol-Based Hand

ORANGEBURG, N.Y. -- Professional Disposables

International (PDI) introduces advanced formula Sani-Dex ALC Antimicrobial

Alcohol Hand Wipes, an extension of the PDI Sani-System brand of hand

hygiene and environmental hard surface disinfecting products.

This new alcohol-based hand wash contains 65.9 percent ethyl alcohol by volume and

is formulated for the prevention of cross contamination. The wipes are

formulated to comply with the new "CDC Guideline for Hand Hygiene in

Health-Care Settings" issued on Oct. 25, 2002. Not only do these wipes promote

good hygiene practice because they are easy-to-use and are preferred by

healthcare workers, they also remove soil from the hands, an important

feature in the prevention of cross contamination that gels alone cannot

accomplish. Its emollient rich formula helps retain moisture on skin and

leaves no gummy residue or buildup. Each application provides an exacting

amount of hand wash solution for effective germ control.

Sani-Dex ALC's clog-free dispensers are easy to install, require no

maintenance, and are available in quick-pull canisters with an optional wall

bracket, as well as individual pocket packets, which provide accessibility

and convenience for maintaining proper hand hygiene in any setting.

Sani-Dex ALC is used by hospitals, alternate care sites, nursing homes, home

care and dental and physician offices, blood banks and laboratories, EMS,

fire rescue and police to decrease bacteria on the skin after assisting ill

persons and before contact with a person under medical care or treatment.

PDI, Professional Disposables International, the healthcare division of

Nice-Pak Products, Inc., is the leading manufacturer of quality,

pre-moistened disposables for the health care industry. An ISO 9001

certified company, PDI's manufacturing plants are FDA registered and

monitored for the highest quality assurance.

Source: PDI