PDI Introduces "Be the Difference" Branding to Set Standards of Hygiene in Hospitals

PDI is introducing a new corporate brand to publicly reinforce the company's commitment to infection prevention in healthcare and other public environments. Supported by a new logo and tagline, PDI is partnering with healthcare professionals, as well as patients, to "Be the Difference" in everyday infection prevention.

According to PDI CEO Zachary Julius, "Be the Difference is our promise that our close collaborations with the industry will help each healthcare provider find the right infection prevention processes and solutions for their facility."

Together, the new logo and tagline further supports PDI's long standing collaboration with healthcare professionals and their combined goal to strive for zero healthcare-associated infections.

Healthcare professionals influence the processes and products used to save lives; patients have opportunities to demand the highest standards of hygiene in the healthcare environment; and PDI will partner with healthcare professionals and business partners to support successful outcomes.

PDI will begin to transition into the new brand with advertising and public relations campaigns, a new website and other activities throughout 2012 and into 2013.