PDI Launches Sani-Hands Bedside Pack for At-Risk and Bedbound Patients


PDI has launched a new hand hygiene product to help bridge a gap in infection prevention: how to make hand hygiene readily available for at-risk and bedbound patients. Specifically designed for patients, the Sani-Hands® Bedside Pack provides an accessible and effective hand-hygiene product at the bed side to reduce transmission of pathogenic microorganisms by patients.

"It is widely accepted by infection preventionists that patients can help minimize their risk of infection by cleaning their hands often, especially after interacting with healthcare workers, touching objects such as remote controls, bed pans and even themselves," says Dr. J. Hudson Garrett, Jr., director of clinical affairs at PDI. "Many infections actually come directly from patients own flora found on their skin. Because of their limited mobility, bedbound patients can go a long time without washing their hands. This lack of hand hygiene coupled with a fragile medical status puts them at higher risk for infection."

Hand hygiene has been recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization as the single most important intervention to reduce the transmission of germs and disease. Bedbound patient hand hygiene in critical care environments (CCU, ICU, SICU, oncology, hematology and dialysis) is a frequently missed opportunity to break the chain of transmission and reduce healthcare associated infections. A dedicated option for patients and their visitors can help increase awareness of hand hygiene practices, and help facilities improve patient satisfaction scores and comply with National Patient Safety Goal 7, issued by the Joint Commission.

Containing 20 Sani-Hands® wipes in a resealable package, the Bedside Pack provides a conscious bedbound patient a sufficient number of wipes for a typical stay in a hospital, including use before meals and after using the bathroom. With a CDC-compliant 65.9 percent alcohol formula, Sani-Hands® Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes are clinically proven to be more effective at killing germs and bacteria than the leading gel instant hand sanitizer. Sani-Hands® wipes remove dirt while sanitizing, leaving skin feeling clean and moisturized, not sticky.

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