PDI Selected By Xylos Corporation for Exclusive U.S. Commercialization of its Wound-Care Products

UPPER SADDLE RIVER, N.J. -- PDI, Inc., a commercial sales and marketing partner to the biopharmaceutical and medical devices and diagnostics industries, and Xylos Corporation, a biotechnology company with a patented biomaterials platform, announced today that they have signed a 10-year agreement in which Xylos will retain PDI Medical Devices and Diagnostics to be the exclusive commercialization partner for the marketing, sales and distribution of the Xylos' line of XCell Cellulose Wound Dressing wound-care products.

As a complete commercialization partner, PDI taps into all areas of its infrastructure by providing Xylos with a focused sales team, medical education, marketing research, managed markets and trade relations, product identity and branding, product management and clinical sales support through its PDI InServe business unit.

Lloyd Fishman, executive vice president and general manager of PDI Medical Devices and Diagnostics, said, "We are looking forward to putting all of PDI's sales and marketing capabilities behind the launch of this exciting wound care technology that we believe will significantly improve how patients are treated. We are pleased that Xylos has entrusted us to provide solutions to their sales and marketing initiatives, thereby maximizing the return on their investment."

The worldwide market for wound-care products is estimated at $1.5 billion and approximately 17 million non-surgical wounds occur annually in the U.S. alone. XCell is a significant advance for chronic wound care -- it is a unique biomaterial engineered to both absorb fluid and hydrate the wound, providing the optimum balance of moisture that wounds require throughout the healing process. XCell provides a new level of convenience and consistency for chronic wound care. A single dressing can stay on the wound for up to seven days -- reducing the time, materials and costs of frequent dressing changes.

"During the selection process, PDI demonstrated that they understand the wound care market opportunity and have comprehensive capabilities to commercialize XCell. When our due diligence determined that PDI has a broad-based reputation for excellence, they became the obvious partner for us. We look forward to working with them as a true commercialization partner for our innovative wound care products," said Patrick McBrayer, CEO of Xylos.

Chuck Saldarini, vice chairman and CEO of PDI, said, "The Xylos agreement is representative of what PDI is trying to accomplish in the medical device and diagnostic market. We are working to build leverageable capabilities within specific markets. Within each, PDI is looking for products with a unique value proposition, which create synergies for other non-competitive products within that market sector. XCell represents that for us in wound care."

Source: PRNewswire