Portable UV-C Sterilization System for Hospitals Helps Halt Infections

Stephen Soos, CEO of Clinical Lasers, the parent company and developer of OnmiKlenz, says the product rids hospitals of pathogens such as MRSA in 5 minutes. Soos says it's easy to compare OnmiKlenz with leading products on the market by visiting: http://omniklenz.com/compare.html.

"We know how powerful and durable OnmiKlenz is, which is why we're providing the five-year guarantee, unlike everyone else on the market, who will only guarantee one year," Soos says. "At last there is a powerful, portable, simple to use and highly effective UV-C decontamination system that is truly affordable. By utilizing Philips' proven technology we are able to guarantee the very highest levels of decontamination with plenty of clinical evidence going back years to support our claims. Not taking into account that OmniKlenz brings rooms sterilization costs down to pennies, the amount of misery it will stop is incalculable. The scandal of so many deaths in hospitals in the developed world must be halted."

Source: Clinical Lasers Ltd.