Poster Details High-Risk Areas for Hospital Superbugs

EMLab P&K, a testing laboratory, in collaboration with strategic alliance partner Philders Group International Inc., a consulting firm for infectious diseases, announces it has created a professionally designed infection control poster, Infection Control Risk Management in Medical Facilities.

The poster is a visual graphic for healthcare and service professionals to assess infection control risks encountered in hospitals and medical facilities. The infection control poster is a glossy, color illustration of a hospital cut-a-way, detailing high-risk quadrants for hospital superbugs.

The wall poster measures 24 inches by 18 inches and highlights more than 30 critical point areas in hospitals that are considered high risk for superbugs and cross-contamination.

EMLab P&K and Philders Group International have been on the forefront of infectious disease control issues for the healthcare industry as they relate to patient safety and the National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) from the Joint Commission. EMLab P&K is the leading testing laboratory for infection control issues in healthcare facilities.

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