Presbyterian Hospital Unveils New Technology from UVDI to Disinfect Rooms and Prevent Infections


Presbyterian Hospital is the largest acute care center in New Mexico and the first in Albuquerque to deploy UVDI's  V-360° Room Sanitizer. The V-360° Room Sanitizer generates high-intensity UV energy and quickly disinfects surfaces contaminated with viruses, bacteria and fungal spores that cause illness and infection.

In their ongoing mission to provide the best healthcare services to their patients, Presbyterian Hospital has taken a proactive approach to disinfect and sanitize surfaces in their facilities. Last year, Lincoln County Medical Center (LCMC), also in the Presbyterian system, was the first in New Mexico to deploy this innovative UV disinfection technology aimed at decreasing hospitalassociated infections (HAIs). Multiple V-360° Room Sanitizers, designed and manufactured by UltraViolet Devices, Inc. (UVDI), are now busy disinfecting surfaces at three of the Presbyterian facilities in the Albuquerque area; Presbyterian Medical Center, Rust Medical Center, and Kaseman Hospital.  To mark the V-360 inauguration in Albuquerque, three area television news stations broadcast reports earlier this month about the implementation of the devices. 

UVDIs president Richard Hayes was on hand for the products unveiling. The V-360 is a state of the art sanitizer that uses UV rays to get rid of 99 percent of germs in just a few minutes, he says. 

Paul Sandoval, Presbyterians director of environmental services, notes, It helps our patients not acquire infections while in the hospital; it helps them to heal faster and get out of the hospital much quicker.

Hospitals environments are constantly challenged with pathogens, but proactive healthcare providers, such as Presbyterian Hospital, are utilizing the V-360° Room Sanitizer to prevent the spread of these germs.  The V-360° Room Sanitizer has been clinically proven to significantly improve hospital surface disinfection and the devices are being utilized by healthcare providers across North America.  Presbyterians investment in this technology makes for a safer and cleaner environment for both patients and staff.

To view KRQEs news video about the V-360° Room Sanitizer, visit:

To learn more about the V-360° Room Sanitizer or other UV disinfection solutions for healthcare environments, visit  call (877) 787-3882.

Source: UltraViolet Devices, Inc.  (UVDI)

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