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Infection Control Today's Product Locator

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Theraworx Protect: The Low pH Addition to Your SSIs, CAUTIs, and CLABSIs Infection Control Bundle

Health care facilities face significant challenges in addressing health care-associated infections (HAIs). Addressing these infections requires a comprehensive strategy to target pathogens and prioritize patient safety and skin integrity. Enter Theraworx Protect, a low pH addition to your infection prevention control bundles that offers a patient-focused approach and a cost-effective alternative to Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) bathing.

Theraworx Protect is formulated with a low pH to support skin health and safety while supporting the skin’s natural antimicrobial barrier and defensive functions.2,3,4 Traditional antimicrobial and high pH agents may disrupt the skin's natural barrier, but Theraworx Protect's low pH formula supports the body's own skin barrier without causing dryness and irritation,2,3,4 making it suitable for long-term use for most skin types.

A known battleground in infection prevention is the surgical arena, where surgical site infections (SSIs) can pose a significant threat to patient outcomes. Incorporating Theraworx Protect into preoperative bathing and skin preparation bundles can help safeguard the delicate balance of the skin’s permeability barrier, integrity, and cohesion.3

Foley catheters and Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) also represent a common risk of infection due to the potential to introduce pathogens into the urinary tract. Integrating Theraworx Protect into catheter care protocols can help mitigate this risk by leveraging its clinically trusted formula to support a hygienic environment in and around the catheter site.1,4,6 For CLABSIs, where central venous catheters serve as lifelines for critically ill patients, Theraworx Protect offers a non-toxic, biocompatible, and skin-friendly alternative to CHG-based products for bathing ICU patients.1,5

Theraworx Protect can be part of a health care facility’s fight against SSIs, CAUTIs, and central line-associated bloodstream infections. As a clinically trusted CHG bathing alternative, Theraworx Protect focuses on improved safety and quality and the principles of patient-centered care and tools to help with your infection control protocols.2,4,6,7,8


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Discover Efficiency: The AMSCO Prep & Pack Table for Sterile Processing Departments

The AMSCO Prep & Pack Table stands out as a vital asset in the bustling Sterile Processing Department (SPD), offering innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and organization. Crafted with the needs of busy SPDs in mind, this versatile table prioritizes productivity while promoting proper ergonomics for staff members.

At the heart of the AMSCO Prep & Pack Table is its user-friendly design, tailored to optimize the workflow of sterile processing professionals. The table features an electric height adjustment mechanism, allowing staff to effortlessly customize the table's height with the simple push of a button. This feature ensures that each team member can work comfortably and efficiently, minimizing strain and fatigue during long shifts.

Durability and cleanliness are paramount in sterile environments, and the AMSCO Prep & Pack Table delivers on both fronts. Constructed with high-quality stainless steel, the table offers a robust and easy-to-clean surface that meets stringent hygiene standards. The addition of lockable casters further enhances its functionality, providing mobility when needed while ensuring stability during critical tasks.

What sets the AMSCO table apart is its adaptability to each SPD's unique needs. With a range of customizable options and accessories available, SPD managers can tailor the table to suit their specific workflow requirements. From specialized attachments for instrument organization to integrated LED task lighting for improved visibility, every aspect of the table can be optimized to enhance productivity.

The AMSCO Prep & Pack Table is a practical solution for sterile processing personnel. It simplifies the preparation and packaging of surgical instruments, improves workflow, reduces errors, and ultimately enhances patient safety.

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