Pure Processing LLC Introduces New Versatile Flushing Device

Pure Processing LLC, provider of ergonomic medical device pre-cleaning systems and accessories, has developed a highly versatile new flushing device designed to add capacity, productivity, ergonomics and consistency when pre-cleaning reusable instruments with lumens and channels. The new Pure Station FlexiPump™ Independent Flushing System offers numerous practical benefits to reprocessing departments.

”Copious flushing is a recommended practice when pre-cleaning channeled instruments of all kinds,” says Dan Gusanders, president of Pure Processing. “We have now adapted the patented pumping technology of our Pure Station™ Medical Device Pre-Cleaning System as a freestanding pump system that offers the same safe, efficient and repeatable copious flushing capability technicians count on, but in a more flexible configuration departments can use, with or without our sink system.”

The FlexiPump system is highly adaptable; it can be installed on a counter, on a wall or in a sink, and can be used with or without the Pure Station™ Medical Devices Pre-Cleaning System. It can be used to augment existing pumps, and up to three devices/lumens can be flushed at one time through each FlexiPump unit. The system has been tested and validated for use with a wide variety of reusable lumened devices, including rigid and flexible endoscopic, minimally invasive surgical, ocular and robotic instruments, and suction tips. The FlexiPump system connects to most devices without luer locks, and its pressure relief feature helps protect scopes during flushing.
Source: Pure Processing LLC