RayVio Launches Industry-Leading Ultraviolet LEDs to Enable Clean Water and Environments

RayVio Corp., an advanced health and hygiene company, announces that it has launched a new series of ultraviolet (UV) LEDs with the highest power output available from a small surface mount device (SMD) footprint. RayVio's leading technology enables the UV disinfection of water and environments by fostering a new generation of powerful and portable health and hygiene devices.

RayVio's new series of UV LEDs are among the smallest commercially available at a width of 6.5 millimeters, enabling unparalleled flexibility to incorporate into a range of products from self-disinfecting water bottles to hospital surface cleaners. The technology provides up to 40 milliwatts at 100 milliamperes continuous current operation in a single package, the most power available in that size on the market. With its wavelength in the range of 280 to 290 nanometers and its high power density, RayVio's LEDs deactivate the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, thereby preventing disease.
"RayVio's innovative new form factor brings the protective power of ultraviolet light to a galaxy of innovative new products," said Dr. Robert C. Walker, CEO of RayVio. "We're facing serious global challenges around hospital-acquired infections and contamination of the food and water supply. This new technology marks an important step in providing peace of mind to billions of consumers around the world."

UV light is widely used to protect against germs in water, surfaces and air, and can also aid in treating skin diseases including psoriasis, eczema, rickets and jaundice.  However, traditional UV light sources are bulky, fragile and contain toxic mercury. RayVio's UV LEDs are portable and compact and can be used safely across a range of applications, from cleaning water tanks in home humidifiers to disinfecting water at the faucet. RayVio is working with partners across the globe to incorporate its line of UV LEDs into a new generation of products and applications.

Coupled with a hemispherical quartz lens, RayVio's new UV LEDs provide precise beam shape, enabling uniform light distribution over a large area. RayVio UV LED emitters are offered in a range of wavelengths, power levels and easy-to-use mounting designs. They also offer industry leading thermal resistance at 6°C per watt, are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant, and are manufactured in a precision high-tech facility in Silicon Valley, with additional high volume manufacturing partners around the world to meet soaring global demand.

RayVio will exhibit its technology at the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology Annual Conference (APIC 2016) June 11-13 in Charlotte, N.C.

Source: RayVio