RCP Introduces a Comprehensive Cleaning Solution


Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) announces its newest comprehensive cleaning solution in the away-from-home washroom category, the SaniCell System.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) announces its newest comprehensive cleaning solution in the away-from-home washroom category, the SaniCell System.

"The SaniCell System is a comprehensive cleaning solution that enhances cleanliness by eliminating bacteria on toilet and urinal surfaces and maintaining drains day and night," said Brian Heun, product manager of fixtures and surface care for Rubbermaid Commercial Products. "The SaniCell Wall, SaniCell Tank, and SaniCell Pipe systems offer three flexible mounting options that accommodate any restroom fixtures. With consistent metered dispensing of Purinel® SC, a super concentrated cleaning formula, the SaniCell System extends the time between manual cleaning cycles, cuts down on labor and reduces the amount of chemicals entering into waste streams."

The SaniCell Pipe is an aesthetically superior system that coordinates with existing plumbing to enhance the image of away-from-home washrooms. SaniCell Pipe easily mounts directly onto the plumbing of toilets and urinals, and does not require water shut-off. In-line delivery allows the Purinel SC formula to travel everywhere water does to more effectively clean fixture surfaces.

The SaniCell Wall features continuous Purinel SC cleaning in both Service and LED dispenser options. The dispenser is available in four contemporary color combinations to enhance your washroom image and match any décor.

The SaniCell Tank is a compact system that installs in almost any toilet tank in just a few minutes without having to shut-off the water. The self-contained unit continuously cleans without batteries or moving parts and delivers cleaning formula directly into the overflow tube without coming into contact with rubber components which helps eliminate costly leaks.

Purinel® SC is a super concentrated cleaning formula that cleans and maintains fixtures with every flush, even in hard-to-reach areas such as under the rim. Designed to reduce cleaning time by up to 50 percent, Purinel SC kills 99.99 percent of odor-causing bacteria, prevents build-up of hard water deposits on fixture surfaces and maintains drains by preventing uric scale build-up in pipes, thereby preventing costly repairs. And with its patented fuel-cell technology, Purinel delivers a precise dose of cleaning formula for 30, 45 or 60 days, extending the time between manual cleaning cycles and reducing supply costs.

The SaniCell continuous cleaning system can help healthcare facilities maintain a "green" washroom cleaning program, since the patented fuel cell technology eliminates battery disposal for cost-effective, environmentally friendly operation;100 percent of SaniCells components are completely recyclable; and controlled dosage of cleaning formula reduces the amount of chemicals entering the waste stream.

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