Richard Wolf Now a Distributor of Pure Station Manual Reprocessing Sinks

Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corp. has entered into an agreement with Pure Processing, LLC, to become a distributor of the Pure Station, the first and only manual processing sink on the market that improves the cleaning process for endoscopes and instruments with narrow channels.

Developed for hospitals and clinics, Pure Station is portable, highly adaptable and easy to clean. Made of a non-porous, polypropylene material, its enhanced capabilities for flushing narrow channels increase the cleaning effectiveness by 79 percent  over syringe flushing. Integrated pre-cleaning features allow technicians to stringently follow Richard Wolfs cleaning protocols.  Available in two sizes, Pure Station has integrated water marks and an easy-to-read thermometer that ensure proper water-to-detergent mixing and optimum temperature for enzymatic detergents. Flutes along the drain outlet prevent tiny instrument parts from washing down the drain.

Dan Gusanders, president of Pure Processing, says, We created a manual processing sink that addresses the reprocessing technicians ergonomic challenges, as well as public health concerns.

Pure Station can accommodate a variety of work spaces, including countertops and deep sinks.  Pure Processing developed a low-pressure tube set especially for Richard Wolf that protects fiber optic devices from incurring expensive damage during the cleaning process.

The Pure Station was designed around medical devices with narrow channels that need manual attention, Gusanders says. By aligning ourselves with a market-leading manufacturer of endoscopic instruments, such as Richard Wolf, were able to jointly develop cleaning applications in the Pure Station. This collaboration benefits our common customers and ultimately, improves patient outcomes.

The need for better cleaning and sterilization tools has grown in the last 15 years with the advances in minimally invasive surgeries and robotics, says Monica Sanders, corporate director of marketing for Richard Wolf.  Pure Processing has developed a common sense solution. Combined with Richard Wolfs unique brushes to clean endoscopes and instruments with channels, our customized reprocessing trays, and our education and training series, we have an opportunity to become a game-changer in the medical field.

Pure Stations flush mechanism uses customized tubing attachments to properly fit the number of channels on an endoscope or instrument. Each end of the tubing attachment is fitted with a luer-lock connection to prevent the tubing from detaching during the flush cycle.

Pure Station adapts nicely to any existing countertop or decontamination sink and eliminates the need for equipment substitutes that dont deliver the same cleaning capabilities, says Sydney Nye, RN, MBA, senior product manager for Richard Wolf.  This sink measures the amount and temperature of the water to ensure the optimum mix of enzymatic detergent.  The flush mechanism allows the technician to tend to the scopes attachments while the scope is being flushed. Its a great productivity tool.

Source: Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation