SANI ProZyme Enzymatic Detergent and SANI Glut Glutaraldehyde 3% Solution are Introduced

Crosstex/SPSmedical introduce SANI ProZyme™ Enzymatic Detergent and SANI Glut™ Glutaraldehyde 3% High Level Disinfectant Solution for the cleaning and reprocessing of heat-sensitive semi-critical devices. Fast-acting and effective, SANI Glut Glutaraldehyde 3% Solution is FDA cleared for 25-minute high level disinfection, 10-hour sterilization at 25°C, and has up to a 28-day reuse period.
 Gentle and safe, SANI ProZyme Enzymatic Detergent is designed to remove organic debris from medical instruments, including endoscopes. SANI ProZyme contains a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down and removes organic soils, holding them in suspension and avoiding redepositing on the cleaned surfaces. Unlike other detergents on the market,SANI ProZyme does not contain borax, making it safer to use.
 "The introduction of SANI ProZyme and SANI Glut , together with Rapicide OPA/28 High Level Disinfectant, expands Crosstex' portfolio of cleaning and high level disinfectant solutions, further solidifying our position as a global leader in the infection prevention and safety market", said Crosstex/SPSmedical Director of Medical Sales John Sullivan.
Source: Crosstex/SPSmedical