Sani-Seat Offers a Hands-free, Hygienic Experience

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ASBURY PARK, N.J. -- Sani-Seat, a 100 percent hands-free hygienic toilet seat

system, has reached 3,000 placements within the United States.  Doctors offices,

hospitals, restaurants, casinos, plus government, educational and other public

facilities are realizing the health and economic benefits of providing hands-

free, hygiene friendly restrooms for their customers and employees.


"Since most bathroom contact takes place at the toilet seat, it's only

natural that organizations adopt a better solution than paper protection,

which provides no protection at all," explains Jerold Wagenheim, vice

president of North American Hygiene, Inc.  "The Sani-Seat's automated moving

plastic cover eliminates and protects users from the majority of germs and


bacteria that would normally be found on a traditional public toilet seat."


Along with creating a hands-free sanitary restroom experience for the

user, Sani-Seat also delivers to facility managers a cost effective solution

to the "messy bathroom" syndrome.  While saving money on wasted water and

paper products, the Sani-Seat also reduces the plumbing problems normally

found in public restrooms.


Through its international network of dealers, North American Hygiene, Inc. exclusively supplies and services the Sani-Seat hands-free hygienic

toilet seat protection system.  With the simple wave of a hand, the Sani-Seat

presents a fresh, clean, untouched hygienic surface for each use.  Sani-Seat

is a complete and easy replacement for any existing standard toilet seat,

making installation quick and simple.


Source: North American Hygiene, Inc.