Sanosil International Introduces Halo Fogger

Bresslergroup, a new product development firm, has designed a unique device that allows a person to easily disinfect an entire room without labor or hazardous chemicals.

The Sanosil Halo Fogger, designed for Sanosil International, is a unique device that transforms Sanosil non-toxic disinfectant into a fine mist of ionized particles, and distributes it throughout a room disinfecting every exposed surface, including the surfaces that regular cleaning can't reach. The Halo assures a homogenous distribution of disinfectant on all surfaces including high-touch areas, around doors, behind window treatments and even under desks, and is safe for use around all electronic equipment. Independent tests confirm a 99.99 percent killing efficacy against germs like Rhinovirus Type 37 (common cold), MRSA , H1N1 influenza, SARS, HIV-1, E. coli and Salmonella. The Halo treatment process is much more effective than wiping with rags or sponges which actually contributes to cross-contamination by spreading germs from surface to surface. In addition, the traditional highly toxic disinfectants must be wiped and the surfaces rinsed.

The key to Sanosil's success starts with the non-toxic formula which is extended with the new, easy-to-use product design. Bresslergroup designed and engineered the portable, rolling device - similar in size to a carry-on suitcase. Bresslergroup's design improvements include an easy-to-fill tank, a user-friendly room size/run time estimator and status light indicators visible from 360 degrees. The attractive look and intuitive ease of use for non-technical staff was guided by Bresslergroup's expertise in human factors and design. A maintenance staff person wheels the Sanosil Halo into the room, fills the reservoir, presses the start button and then leaves the room. The Sanosil Halo Fogger disinfects large areas in a thorough, eco-friendly way, at a reasonable cost: 1,000 square feet can be treated for less than $1.50.