Seal Shield Adds Air Treatment From Airocide, a NASA-Developed Technology, to Product Line

Seal Shield LLC announces it has extended its product line beyond waterproof/antimicrobial electronics to now include air treatment technology from Airocide®. Similar to surface contamination, airborne contamination poses a threat to patient safety. Airocide technology, developed by NASA, converts damaging molds, microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, destructive VOCs and biological gasses into harmless water vapor without producing Ozone or other harmful by-products. Green and energy efficient, treated air exits as 99.999 percent pathogen free on the first pass.

According to UK infection control expert Diane Gilmour, "MRSA may also be released into the atmosphere on skin squames and fibers from clothing and carried as dust particles." This supports other research findings that there is a significant relationship between airborne colonization and nosocomial infections.

"Airborne contaminants pose a threat to patient safety and our healthcare customers are seeking solutions for all cross-contamination points in the healthcare environment," says Seal Shield CEO and chairman, Bradley Whitchurch. "Airocide has shown meaningful reductions in viruses and bacteria, and offers unparalleled air treatment with its patented NASA-developed technology."

In the past, Seal Shield's focus has been primarily on washable keyboards and mice with antimicrobial product protection. More recently, the company has expanded its product line to include infection control products for mobile devices with the same innovative technology. The addition of Airocide's air treatment technology fits with the company's strategy to create and offer the most complete infection control solutions available.

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