SHEA Announces New Public Health Scholarship

In 2018, the SHEA Education & Research Foundation (SHEA/ERF) established SHEA/ERF Public Health Scholarships to promote the training and advancement of public health professionals who work in various capacities related to infection prevention and antibiotic stewardship within public health systems. The creation of these scholarships demonstrates a commitment by SHEA/ERF to strengthen relationships between SHEA members who serve as leaders healthcare infection prevention/antibiotic stewardship teams  and public health professionals. 

Additionally, SHEA/ERF is committed to improving awareness and expertise on infection prevention, HAIs, and antibiotic stewardship of professionals who serve at the public health level. The scholarships are a part of a larger investment the SHEA/ERF is making  in 2018 to focus on Public Health and the role they play in both infection and antibiotic stewardship. Awardees of the SHEA/ERF Public Health Scholarships will receive the amount of $1,500 each to defray the expenses of attending the program. In addition, each scholarship recipient will receive a complimentary registration for the full conference of SHEA Spring 2018 Conference: Science Guiding Prevention.

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