Sneak Peek at APIC 2014: Products and Services


We offer a look at some of the products and services that will be presented at this year's APIC conference. 


PDI will debut several product enhancements, exclusive educational resources and inspire "Champion's for Change" to lead the industry forward at this year's Association for Professionals in Infection Control (APIC) Annual Conference in Anaheim, Calif., June 7-9, 2014. PDI is committed to innovation in education and products to meet the needs of customers on the front lines of infection prevention.

Attendees who visit PDI Booth (#401) will have the chance to become a recognized "Champion for Change" by sharing challenges, observations, and ideas to help solve the infection prevention problems of today and tomorrow. Champions will also have access to an APIC exclusive CEU opportunity following the show. The piece, titled "Championing Change: A Team S.T.E.P.P.S.® Approach to Infection Prevention," is eligible for one CEU hour of continuing education for nurses.

"No one knows the infection prevention challenges better than those who face them every day," says Joe DeBelle, director of marketing and product management for PDI Healthcare. "Our commitment is to provide not only market-leading brands, but ongoing clinical support and unique educational offerings as well. What we hear from our infection prevention partners will form the building blocks we need to create better solutions for the future." 

Continuing its innovation in product development, PDI will showcase a new pail and refill format for its market-leading Sani-Cloth® Bleach and Sani-Cloth® AF3 Germicidal Disposable Wipes. The Pail and Refill system is designed to address the infection prevention requirements of Environmental Services Professionals (EVS). The Sani-Cloth® Pail and Refill contains 160 pre-moistened, ready-to-use, extra-large wipes. Each pre-moistened wipe contains the proper concentration of disinfectant, reducing labor time and compliance issues associated with mixing or measuring chemicals.  It also meets The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) Practice Guidance for Environmental Cleaning as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities.

PDI will also feature Sani-Hands® Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes and the new Sani-Hands® Patient Education Video to help educate and remind patients and visitors about proper hand hygiene. The quick and easy-to-understand narration and graphics explain hand hygiene best practice, including how and when to clean hands during a hospital stay or visit. Positive engagement and communication with patients has been shown to directly impact their satisfaction with a hospital stay, an element of the Hospital Consumer Assessment Health Plans Survey (HCAHPS), which are tied to reimbursement. To understand additional strategies to improve HCAHPS scores visit PDI's website for its Infection Prevention Educational Resources. 

The PDI system for infection prevention includes Sani-Cloth® Germicidal Disposable Wipes for surface disinfection, Sani-Hands® Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes for staff and patient hand hygiene and Prevantics® for skin antisepsis, which are designed to tackle the three most common sources of transmission of Healthcare Associated Infections. Specifically designed to address infection prevention in a healthcare facilities, PDI products are complemented by a suite of compliance accessories, ongoing clinical support and comprehensive implementation training for staff designed to reinforce proper product utilization and overcome compliance challenges.  

Source: PDI


At the 41st Annual Conference of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), CareFusion will launch three new products that are designed to help reduce surface contamination or the presence of microorganisms that can potentially cause infections during hospital stays and procedures.

The ChloraPrep® 1mL applicator is a new addition to the ChloraPrep line of preoperative skin preparation products. It provides clinicians with a unique applicator design and the same formulation they know and trust in a new 1 mL size. With its unique delivery system and winged activation design, the 1 mL applicator is easy to use and can help promote aseptic techniques and best practices. ChloraPrep skin prep products have been proven to be more effective than povidone-iodine at eliminating microorganisms on the skin that may cause infection.(1-3)

The ChloraShield® IV dressing with chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) antimicrobial is a flexible and breathable dressing, that enhances patient care during vascular access procedures. The dressing features BeneHold™ CHG, an innovative adhesive technology from Vancive Medical Technologies™, an Avery Dennison business, which comfortably secures the dressing to the skin, absorbs fluid and protects the site from external contaminants. The CHG incorporated within the adhesive preserves the dressing from microbial growth. ChloraShield dressings are designed to be easy for clinicians to apply and remove, and comfortable for patients to wear. CareFusion is the exclusive distributor of the dressing in North America. 

The MaxZero™ needleless connector from CareFusion is a new extension to a proprietary portfolio of needleless connectors and is designed to help improve patient safety and promote nursing best practices. With a solid, sealed surface, the connector provides a barrier to bacteria and contamination and enables effective three second disinfection with an alcohol pad. The design of the MaxZero needleless connector prevents reflux of blood into the catheter at disconnect and also has a smaller profile. A clear fluid path enhances flushing and anti-reflux technology prevents the need for a clamping sequence, helping save nurses time and reducing process steps.

In addition to new products, new data is being presented on tools that can improve patient compliance with physician cleansing instructions and how increased compliance can affect the amount of antiseptic present on the skin. A unique reminder system to improve bathing compliance is one of the key features to the StartClean Cleansing Program from CareFusion, where patients receive a 4 percent CHG cleanser with disposable sponges and an individualized service that contacts patients via text, email, or voice message reminding them to use the cleanser in accordance with physician instructions. The data will be presented by Dr. Charles Edmiston from the Medical College of Wisconsin during a poster presentation on Saturday, June 7 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

Additional highlights in CareFusion booth #911 at the APIC conference include:
•CareFusion Focus on Quality Care Initiative: CareFusion is helping facilities on the path to quality improvement by supporting their efforts to standardize and reduce variability. Learn about the tools, training and tactics hospitals need to help reduce variability and improve patient care.
•MedMined® Surveillance Advisor: Ranked as the #1 Infection Surveillance tool by KLAS  in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013, MedMined services offer infection surveillance and reporting, and is the only surveillance service on the market today with a HFMA peer reviewed ROI model designed to deliver actual costs savings driven by reductions in HAIs.
•Surgical Clippers: The new line of surgical clippers was designed with input from clinicians and offers new features that make them more ergonomic and intuitive to use, as well as easier to clean, stronger and more energy efficient.
•Surgicept® Waterless Surgical Hand Scrub: In a blind study, 78 percent of surgical staffers preferred Surgicept Waterless Surgical Hand Scrub over Avagard® Surgical Hand Antiseptic.(4) The unique formulation of Surgicept Waterless Surgical Hand Scrub includes emollients that counter the drying effects of alcohol, and because it dries quickly, gloving is faster and easier.
•ChloraPrep preoperative skin preparation: The 2 percent chlorhexidine gluconate and 70 percent isopropyl alcohol formulation provides rapid-acting and persistent antiseptic activity against a broad spectrum of microorganisms.(5) ChloraPrep applicators promote gentle friction scrub to help the solution penetrate the first five layers of the stratum corneum, where 80 percent of microorganisms reside.(6) The proprietary ChloraPrep applicator promotes aseptic technique and reduces the risk of direct hand-to-patient contact, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.(7)

Source: CareFusion Corporation

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Clorox Healthcare

Infection preventionists and environmental services professionals that stop by the Clorox Healthcare booth (#1011) in the APIC Exhibition Hall will get an exclusive look at the following new offerings from Clorox Healthcare:

• Clorox Healthcare™ Optimum-UV™ System – Announced earlier this year, Clorox Healthcare partnered with Ultraviolet Devices, Inc. (UVDI) to introduce the Clorox Healthcare™ Optimum-UV™ System, which works hand-in-hand with routine manual cleaning and disinfecting procedures to reduce the threat of infection. The Optimum-UV™ System utilizes powerful UV-C technology to inactivate pathogens, including C. difficile and MRSA. APIC attendees can be among the first to experience the device in person and learn about the importance of bundling of environmental surface solutions so hospitals can take a more comprehensive approach to reduce the threat of infections among patients, staff and visitors.

• Clorox Healthcare® Zero Tolerance Game – APIC attendees can learn how to stop healthcare-associated infection (HAI)-causing pathogens in their tracks by playing this fun, interactive tool designed to educate players about the pathogens that live on various surfaces in a hospital. The game will allow players to virtually zap HAI-causing pathogens for a chance to win a $250 spa gift card.

• Clorox Healthcare® Science Folder – Clorox Healthcare is committed to educating infection prevention professionals about the science behind Clorox Healthcare® products. Ask anyone at the Clorox Healthcare booth about C. difficile, and they’ll share a folder featuring a poster that shows the prevalence of the pathogen and how to prevent its spread, summaries of published third-party studies, and related product information.

Source: Clorox Healthcare


At the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)'s 41st Annual Conference, leadership from TRU-D SmartUVC will be demonstrating the UV disinfection robot's one-of-a-kind technology and discussing the role the device's newest innovation, iTRU-D, is playing at hospitals across the U.S., the U.K. and  the Middle East. TRU-D SmartUVC will be exhibiting at booth 1241 June 7 through 9.

Conversations at the conference regarding multi-drug resistant organisms, systematic approaches to infection prevention, new studies and implementation of new infection prevention practices will bring fresh perspectives to this year's meeting. TRU-D leadership expects to do the same with attendees at the exhibition hall, as technology has increasingly become an important infection prevention tool and deeper part of the conversation surrounding hospital-acquired infections. Short for Total Room Ultraviolet Disinfection, TRU-D is the only portable UV disinfection system on the market that precisely measures reflected UV-C emissions with Sensor360 to automatically calculate the pathogen-lethal UV dose required for proper and consistent disinfection of healthcare environments. Since 2007, TRU-D has led innovation with this technology and now boasts the most advanced combination of scientifically validated germ-eliminating power and customized secure cloud-based infection prevention data tracking technology, iTRU-D. TRU-D now comes standard with iTRU-D, which is remotely operated via an iPad Mini. Data simultaneously uploads to a secure cloud-based portal while TRU-D eliminates germs in hospital rooms, proving TRU-D's efficiency through real-time reporting. 

"TRU-D does more than eliminate harmful pathogens," says Chuck Dunn, president of TRU-D LLC. "With iTRU-D, we are providing every person in the hospital who needs disinfection data with instantaneous customized reports, which can be used to report efficiency usage and risk aversion to hospital leadership and health care policy organizations as a component of broad infection prevention reports."

TRU-D SmartUVC is the device of choice for nearly all existing independent research on UV disinfection technology, including a $2 million infection reduction study funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Epicenter Program at Duke University and the University of North Carolina. TRU-D comes equipped with iTRU-D, a cloud-based, secure usage-tracking program that provides customized real-time infection prevention reports via an iPad Mini to hospital staff. More than 200 TRU-Ds have been deployed to disinfect hospital patient areas across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Middle Eastern regions, including the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland; the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center in Charleston, South Carolina; and Houston Methodist in Houston, Texas.

Source: Lumalier Corp.

Kimberly-Clark Health Care

Kimberly-Clark Health Care will showcase the latest innovations in infection prevention solutions at the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) 41st annual conference. Featured products and services include real-time hand hygiene compliance monitoring, hand and surface cleaning and oral care products. Kimberly-Clark Health Care representatives will be on hand to provide customized recommendations on the best infection prevention strategies to ensure hand hygiene compliance.

One in 25 patients seeking treatment at U.S. hospitals acquire an infection. Hand hygiene compliance is critical to minimizing these infections, yet only 40 percent of healthcare workers adhere to hand hygiene procedures on average. Traditional methods of hand hygiene compliance monitoring rely on visual monitoring to gather information on hand hygiene habits.

“Kimberly-Clark Health Care continues to address the challenges of compliance head on by pushing beyond the traditional methods of hand hygiene monitoring and toward more innovative technology solutions,” says Alex Hodges, general manager of surgical and infection prevention for Kimberly-Clark Health Care. “We are excited to have the opportunity to help our customers do a better job at compliance monitoring and move toward automated systems over human observation. This can make a sizeable impact on reducing healthcare associated infections and associated costs.”

Kimberly-Clark Health Care is encouraging APIC attendees to turn in their clipboards or monitoring logs, typically used to track hand hygiene compliance, and try out new automated hand hygiene tracking systems. Those who do will receive a Kleenex Clean Hands Care Patient Kit, comprised of hygienic products that can be used by hospital patients and visitors, as well as educational materials on proper hand hygiene.

Kimberly-Clark Health Care will also feature infection prevention solutions in surface disinfection and respiratory health including:

• WETTASK Dual Performance Wiping System: Kimberly-Clark’s new hospital surface disinfection solution is a compact, enclosed system with wipers dispensed one at a time from a closed bucket. The wipers feature a purple, textured side to make cleaning hard substances easier and a white side for regular cleaning.

• Partners in Prevention Oral Care Compliance Program: This new program for healthcare facilities provides customers with tools, resources and support needed to develop and implement compliance plans for respiratory teams.

 Source: Kimberly-Clark Corp.

Surface Medical Inc.

Surface Medical Inc. announces a new Mattress Inspection and Repair Guide, an industry first that details an implementation protocol for the preventative maintenance and care of healthcare mattresses and stretchers. The Mattress Inspection and Repair guide details a three-step approach for the appropriate care and maintenance of mattresses and stretchers. The guide was developed using published best practices, and in consultation with leading infection control professionals.

"The guide details a straightforward three-step process; Mattress Inspection, Mattress Intervention - repair or replace, and Tracking" says Brenda Marks, a nurse and senior product manager at SMI. "Healthcare facilities can use the guide with staff to identify damage and repair proactively in order to enhance patient safety and save money."

"We have recently learned from Mark Heller and Darrel Hicks that mattresses are a mismanaged asset in healthcare, with a $550 million mattress deficiency in the U.S. today," says Tony Abboud, vice president of business development at Surface Medical. "The Mattress Inspection and Repair Guide will assist healthcare facilities in developing a program to restore damaged surfaces to an intact and hygienic state to enhance patient safety."

SMI has developed a robust program to support the implementation of this protocol in healthcare facilities globally. This includes a Guide, User flipchart for supply carts, mattress inspection checklist and mattress repair tracking spreadsheet.  The company will be sharing this information with infection control colleagues at the upcoming IPAC 2014 national convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the APIC 2014 annual conference in Anaheim, Calif.

Source: Surface Medical Inc.

Resurgent Health & Medical

Ask any nurse, in any hospital or clinic, how their hands are feeling today and you might ignite a long list of complaints about the health of their skin and the damage done by harsh detergent soaps and alcohol gel sanitizers.  And you will certainly attract other health care workers who will also want to show you the damage and tell you about the pain they feel when they put more alcohol on top of their contact dermatitis.

Dry, cracked, aching hands, and even those with Contact Dermatitis - which can be debilitating until the weeping and oozing have subsided - were the main motivation behind Resurgent Health & Medical’s latest innovation, called Ultra-Pure Glisten Skin Conditioner (“Glisten SC”). Glisten SC does exactly as it says – it conditions the skin with pure, all natural moisturizer with nothing added except for fresh, distilled and purified water. Glisten SC is a new product for Resurgent and it will be applied automatically as part of the 12-second wash, rinse and condition cycle that is programmed into every Resurgent Automated Handwashing Machine - delivering the very same highly effective wash with the added benefit of a full application of moisturizing and all natural vegetable based skin conditioner.

This new product from Resurgent will undoubtedly shift attitudes amongst nurses about hand hygiene because Resurgent will clean and condition in one 12-second cycle, all while encouraging more effective hand hygiene without the pain. While nurses, staff, visitors and patients have always been more inclined to utilize Resurgent’s automated handwashing systems for their proven efficacy and speed as well as Resurgent’s proprietary, gentle, and effective Ultra Pure 2% hand soap, the addition of the second skin conditioner is applied after the rinse to help nurses and others to heal their damaged skin - a win-win for both frequent handwashers, like nurses, and public health.

Using an all-natural plant-based formula combined with purified, distilled water, Ultra-Pure Glisten SC is as pure a formula as you will find to gently repair damaged skin.

Resurgent will feature Glisten SC at APIC 2014, booth #1433.

Source: Resurgent Health & Medical


Spectra254, a developer of high-power, easy-to-use, affordable UVC light sanitation systems, will debut its flagship product line at the 41st Annual Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) Conference in Anaheim, Calif., June 7 to 9 at the Anaheim Convention Center, booth 327.

Spectra254, which enters the industry with years of research and development in the light technology market, will showcase the Spectra254 product line of portable ultraviolet light-generating systems ideal for use in hospitals, healthcare facilities, locker rooms and other areas where contamination is of critical concern. The company is exhibiting in Booth 327 at APIC and will display three of its products, the Spectra 1000, the Spectra 500 and Spectra 300.

“At Spectra254, our focus is on developing UVC light technology solutions that address the very real need to fight surface pathogens in the many and varied environments in which they are found,” says Sanford Green, president of Spectra254. “The products we are offering are not only effective and stand the test of time, but are cost efficient and provide an ease of operation that makes them attractive to a wide range of clientele.”

The Spectra 1000 features eight high-intensity, custom-made lamps that broadcast a high output of UVC light to virtually every surface in the area being treated to kill pathogens such as C. difficile, MRSA, staph, HIV, norovirus and salmonella. When coupled with the Spectra254 Touch Pad Interface, users can collect and easily export data on the use of the Spectra 1000, including date and start time of system, room number, cycle time and status to create a comprehensive log for management. The Spectra 1000 has the capability to decontaminate a space within 5 to 15 minutes, and provides a “green” addition to the typical use of harsh chemicals.

In independent analysis performed for Spectra254 by EMSL Analytical Inc., scientific testing showed the UVC light from the Spectra 1100 was highly effective (greater than 99.9 percent) at killing MRSA and C. difficile on solid surfaces and inhibiting the growth over a range of exposure times and distances. The Spectra 1100 will be launched later this year and will feature new capabilities, including the Touch Pad Interface data-tracking feature.

The company’s systems are manufactured and assembled in a U.S.-based ISO 9000 facility that meets or exceeds the quality assurance standards outlined by International Organization of Standards.

Source: Spectra254

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