Spectra254 Introduces the Convenience of Barcoding


Spectra254, a developer of high-power, easy-to-use, affordable UV-C light decontamination systems, has introduced new barcoding functionalities with its Spectra 1000 Series of mobile sanitizing systems that eliminates MRSA and C. diff and combats Ebola.

Spectra254 is the only provider of UV-C light decontamination systems to offer the convenience of barcoding, as part of a healthcare institution’s decontamination reporting process. This feature provides the convenience of using bar code labels at the doorframe of each room to expedite data entry of the time, day, room number and operator ID for each room serviced. In doing so, not only is the potential for human error eliminated, the time-savings in the data entry process results in a faster turnaround time per room and on the daily schedule.

“Anytime you get a job done, cheaper, better, faster, it’s a good thing for the hospital,” says Sanford Green, president of Spectra254.

In addition, the series can be operated with two different methods, including a one-touch remote control and a tablet controller. The handheld one-touch remote control, is designed for the novice environmental services (EVS) operator and other medical staff for the quick sanitation of an operating room, isolation room or patient waiting room. Just like a standard television remote control, its uses one button to start the system for a 5-, 10- or 15-minute cycle time. In addition, when equipped with the Spectra data collection system, the unit can be programmed for use by the onboard touch screen tablet. Easy to use, the Spectra 1000 Series is designed for use by any level of the EVS or infection control staff.

“With Ebola, the Enterovirus D68 and other infection outbreaks dominating the world news, there is a heightened awareness to public safety and an increased demand by the CDC for strict sanitation process protocols,” says Green.

The Spectra 1000 Series uses high-output UVC germicidal lamps to eliminate pathogens on surfaces. The UVC energy conversion [watts to dosage] is so high, that in a five-minute period at a distance of ten feet, the Spectra 1000 will kill more than 99 percent of C. diff spores and kill 99 percent of the MRSA bacteria. Several notable features include a new touch pad interface and data-tracking feature, beneficial for tracking contamination and sanitization trends, and a lighter profile to allow easier transport of the device from room to room.

In addition, the Spectra 1000 Series has multiple safety features to provide “fail safe” operation. Motion detectors are active as soon as the system is “plugged in.” Four motion detectors covering 360 degrees will turn off the system if any motion is detected while the system is operating.

A recent study conducted by Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Hospital of Epidemiology and Infections Control found the Spectra254 system to be highly effective in killing major healthcare-acquired pathogens. In independent analysis performed for Spectra254 by EMSL Analytical Inc., scientific testing showed the UVC light from the Spectra 1100 was highly effective (greater than 99 percent) at killing MRSA and C. difficile on solid surfaces and inhibiting the growth over a range of exposure times and distances. Another independent study, by Antimicrobial Test Laboratories, found the ultraviolet light system is 99.9 percent effective at killing the Ebola surrogate on surfaces at a distance of up to 10 feet.

The company’s systems are manufactured and assembled in a U.S.-based ISO 9000 facility that meets or exceeds the quality assurance standards outlined by International Organization of Standards.

Source: Spectra254

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