Spectra254 Releases Mobile Room Decontamination System Designed for Post-Acute and Clinical Care

Spectra254, a provider of UVC light disinfection solutions, announced today the release of the Spectra 600 Series, a mobile room decontamination system made for clinical and ambulatory healthcare facilities, providing 99 percent efficacy in as little as five minutes.

Designed specifically for the clinical and post-acute care services markets, the Spectra 600 Series is an integral part of the Spectra254 solution portfolio. The Spectra 600 was developed for daily decontamination of small rooms in five minutes, to be used in a wide array of settings including clinics, private practices, general surgery and rehabilitation centers, medi-clinics and assisted living centers. The system may be purchased alone or as part of a comprehensive solution, with Spectra254 providing a comprehensive suite of UVC light disinfection solutions.

“With the recent spike in healthcare-associated infections in outpatient settings, a fast and effective UVC disinfection solution was needed to ensure disinfection levels of 99.9 percent,” says Sanford Green, senior executive of Spectra254.  “The Spectra 600 Series was designed specifically to meet that need: it decontaminates a small room in minutes, is compact and mobile, and includes a one-touch remote control for easy operation and Spectra254’s standard three year warranty.”

Spectra254’s comprehensive product portfolio of decontamination solutions includes the Spectra 1000 Series mobile room sanitizing system, the Spectra 500 medical transport sanitizing system, the RDS-30 Series for decontamination of small tools and electronics, and the Spectra 600 mobile room decontamination system designed for clinics and post-acute care services.

Source: Spectra254