Steam Vacuum Cleaner Machines Add PSI, Heat for Fighting MRSA

Daimer Industries, Inc., a leader in sanitizing systems, announces it has increased the cleaning capabilities of two steam vacuum cleaner machines in its line of KleenJet® Supreme 3000 equipment. The systems, the 3000CVP and 3000CVGP with gum removal, have been engineered to clean a range of hard surfaces and incorporate industrial-grade vacuum systems.

"By boosting the cleaning performance for these two popular mid-range sanitizing machines, we've made the U.S.-based KleenJet® brand an even more obvious choice for janitorial pros with tough applications," says Matthew Baratta, a antiseptic systems spokesperson. "The improved units also sport our stainless steel, heavy-gauge boilers that are covered by a lifetime guarantee."

Daimer's two upgraded units, the 3000 CVP and 3000 CVGP, offer improvements in both steam temperatures and cleaning pressure. The mid-range steam vacuum cleaner machines are expected to ship with pressure levels rated to 115 psi (up from 96 psi on the preceding models) and steam temperatures rated to 364ºF (up from 329ºF on the preceding models).

Both steam vacuum cleaner machines incorporate heavy-gauge vacuum units that feature water- and HEPA-filtration that removes allergens, odors, dustmite waste, and other health-affecting substances. The steam vacuum cleaner machines will offer Daimer's custom, EPA-complying, germ elimination technology, dubbed ATIS®. This boiler-based ionizing subsystem has been laboratory-approved for MRSA elimination and other sterilization applications often found in hospitals as well as educational and business environments.