Stericert EtO Control System Enables Use of Oxyfume 2000 in Existing Sterilizers

Stericert Co., a division of H & W Technology, LLC, announces that its Stericert EtO control system provides upgraded controls, shorter cycles, uses less EtO gas, and is compatible with Oxyfume 2000 EtO blend.

Stericert’s EtO upgrade control system provides compatibility with Oxyfume 2000, 10 hour cycles, and uses 25 percent less EtO. The system replaces the controls of EtO blend sterilizers and uses advanced aeration to shorten total cycle time to approximately 10 hours. The system uses industry standard Allen Bradley controllers, and interfaces with all EtO scrubbers and abators.

SteriCert Co. offers product and services including washer verification testing, workplace and sterilization load monitoring instruments, biological and chemical sterilization indicators, personal sanitizers and medical device detergents for manual, ultrasound and automatic washers and washer-disinfectors.