Sterilization Cassette Systems Expands Metal Manufacturing Services; Signs Agreement with Aesculap

INDIANAPOLIS -- Sterilization Cassette Systems, Inc. (SCS) announced that it has expanded its metal manufacturing capabilities to include in-house sheetmetal fabrication. This expansion will dramatically reduce turnaround times for its more than 50 OEM customers in orthopaedic, vascular surgery, radiology, urology, OB/GYN and other medical specialties.

"Through joint ventures with Indianapolis based sheetmetal fabricators and expansion of SCS's existing sheetmetal manufacturing facility, SCS has increased its control of the fabrication process to better serve our growing customer list," explained Stephen F. Spencer, chairman and CEO of SCS. "This will ensure consistent on-time deliveries for our customers while also reducing the prototype development time down from weeks to days. These efficiencies should give us a significant advantage in the highly competitive delivery systems market."

Efficiencies for SCS should also come through a recently signed agreement with Aesculap. Effective Nov. 1, 2002, SCS will act as a distributor of Aesculap's rigid sterilization container systems to the OEM orthopaedic market worldwide. Aesculap, a division of B. Braun, is the largest sterilization container manufacturer in the world with an outstanding global reputation and service support network. Aesculap designed the first rigid sterilization container in the 1890s and is recognized as the dominant world leader for sterilization containers in the hospital market and has obtained the FDA Class II 510(k).

"This agreement with Aesculap strongly positions SCS as a single source provider of metal cases, trays and sterilization containers for all medical disciplines," noted Spencer. "The potential impact on orthopaedic loaner systems could save our customers millions of dollars in current maintenance costs of less durable plastic and hybrid containers. In addition, the durable Aesculap rigid sterilization container is preferred worldwide because it eliminates costs associated with sterilization wrap. These containers can also be recycled for new instrument sets, limiting future costs exclusively to new custom trays for new or upgraded instrument sets."

Founded in 1996, SCS was the first designer/manufacturer to obtain the FDA Class II 510(k) for instrument sterilization cassettes and case/tray systems. Today, SCS designs have been validated in standard hospital cycles for steam, ETO and Sterrad, making SCS one of the most versatile vendors to the orthopaedic market. SCS utilizes Pro/ENGINEER to create custom designs, has a quality system certified to ISO 9001 & 13485 and EN 46001, has a CE Registrar in Europe and delivers production orders in approximately six to seven weeks after final design approval from its customers.

Founded in 1867, Aesculap is the largest worldwide manufacturer and distributor of instruments for general, neurologic, spine and orthopaedic surgery. Aesculap combines modern technology with old-world quality to design and produce surgical implants and instrumentation, sterile container systems and power equipment for surgical specialties. Aesculap, with U.S. headquarters in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, is a member of the B. Braun group of healthcare companies. B Braun is currently the 14th largest healthcare company in the world.

Source: PRNewswire