SterilMed Receives Health Industry Environmental Excellence Award

SterilMed, Inc., a leader in the cleaning, sterilizing, and remanufacturing of medical devices and equipment for safe reuse in hospitals and clinics, has been awarded the 2011 Environmental Excellence Award from Practice Greenhealth, an association promoting earth friendly practices in the healthcare industry. The award was announced at the CleanMed 2011 conference for healthcare environmental leaders in Phoenix.

Honored in the competitions Champion for Change category for companies that help customers improve their sustainability performance, SterilMed was recognized for the environmental benefits it provides by reprocessing and repairing medical devices and equipment collected from hospitals and for its greenMed medical device recycling program.

Last year, SterilMeds reprocessing business kept 5.8 million devices about 2.5 million pounds of medical waste from going into landfills. In addition, through its new greenMed Device Recycling Program, SterilMed reclaimed the metal and plastic from more than 142,000 used medical devices that otherwise would have gone to landfills.

"Healthcare is among the top contributors to environmental waste," says Brian Sullivan, CEO and president of SterilMed. "So credit for this award must also be given to our hospital customers. It is their commitment to device reprocessing and recycling and to lowering their environmental impact that enabled us to receive this honor. And it is their commitment that allows us to fulfill a key part of our mission to help protect the earth and its natural resources."

The award also highlighted SterilMeds latest medical device recycling effort a partnership with Healing the Children, a nonprofit organization providing medical care and clinical support for children in need. During 2010, SterilMed donated up to 2,000 medical devices each month for medical and surgical mission trips sponsored by Healing the Children.