STERIS Introduces Revital-Ox Formulations and Products for Manual, Automated Endoscope Reprocessing


In booth #309 at the SGNA Annual Course in Phoenix, attendees will discover a new holistic segment of consumable products designed for the reprocessing needs of endoscopy departments. The Revital-Ox one-stop shop of oxidative chemistry-based solutions addresses all aspects of the process, from pre-cleaning and transport through cleaning and disinfecting. It includes eight products: Revital-Ox 2X Concentrate Enzymatic Detergent, Enzymatic Sponges, D-Sponge, Bedside Complete, and Endoscopy Brushes; Revital-Ox Resert® XL HLD High Level Disinfectant, and the Revital-Ox rigid and flexible container systems.

We are committed to serving endoscopy/GI professionals, says Chris Antonucci, senior product manager in STERISs Infection Prevention Technologies division. We are a proud SGNA sponsor and are assuring that our key endoscopy-focused professionals are fully certified by SGNA as GI Technical Specialists (GTS). We have assessed the challenges and issues in endoscopy departments and have stepped up to fill the safety, efficiency and materials management gaps we observed in this area.

One key area of concern has been the common use of aldehyde chemistries in endoscopy departments. Aldehyde odors and fumes may cause headaches, asthma attacks and other health issues for healthcare professionals, even with normal exposure. If not handled properly, contact dermatitis and other skin conditions can also develop. OPA products, although less irritating than aldehydes, have been associated with anaphylactic reactions in bladder cancer patients as a result of multiple uses. In addition, all aldehydes are fixative in nature, meaning that they adhere proteins to interior and exterior surfaces of lumened endoscopes. After only one improper cleaning or incomplete drying, these surfaces can begin to harbor bacteria that could potentially become resistant to high-level disinfection.

In contrast, Revital-Ox Resert XL HLD High Level Disinfectant is an oxidative chemistry, not an aldehyde. It achieves microbial efficacy in eight minutes at 20 degrees C and requires only one rinse cycle. This 2 percent accelerated hydrogen peroxide formula is made with biodegradable ingredients and does not require special detoxification or deactivation processes. The chemistry has no irritating odor, and requires no heating or special ventilation. In addition to these benefits, the Revital-Ox family of solutions helps to:

- Improve safety for patients, staff, devices and the environment
Using formulation science and advanced design technologies, safety has been optimized in areas where there were gaps. For example, chelating agents have been incorporated to help protect instruments; biodegradable chemistries and component materials were developed to help protect the environment, and single-use accessories were designed to help prevent cross-contamination.
- Improve the purchasing/materials management experience
Endoscopy and GI Labs have typically been faced with securing their reprocessing supplies, systems and chemistries from a variety of sources, since few manufacturers supply everything that is needed for the complete endoscope reprocessing cycle. By providing endoscopy facilities with a single source of compatible, thoroughly tested technologies and consumables that work seamlessly together,  from one leading industry provider, STERIS expects to help facilities streamline the purchasing process and experience cost savings and consistent performance from their endoscope reprocessing products.

- Support high productivity
The number of endoscope procedures is increasing by approximately 5 percent annually (Market Data Study, 2010). In order to help endoscopy customers keep pace with more intense scheduling, the Revital-Ox family includes fast-acting enzymatic formulations that facilitate shorter soak times. Revital-Ox Resert XL HLD High Level Disinfectant also has a longer use life than other high level disinfectants, which makes it cost-effective and efficient. Revital-Ox Resert high level disinfectant also supports efficient turnaround for automated endoscope reprocessors, which allows more cycles to be run per day. In addition, the Revital-Ox Bedside Complete pre-cleaning kit brings everything needed for effective pre-cleaning together right at the bedside, for a highly efficient process.

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