STERIS Launches ProLystica HP to Provide Better-Performing Cleaning Chemistries

STERIS Corporation has introduced Prolystica® Ultra Concentrate HP Cleaning Chemistries; a new innovation to its premium instrument cleaning chemistries, specifically designed for high-performance in todays challenging healthcare environments.

The latest Prolystica formulations are a 10-time concentrate with added de-foaming properties to further reduce the time and effort it takes to rinse surgical tools and equipment. Additionally, the chemistries have proven stronger in removing difficult healthcare soils such as lipids and blood, including those associated with orthopedic surgeries, and cleans devices in less time than
previous formulations.

Sterile processing department managers know, and are confident in our market leading Prolystica brand. By working in tandem with them, we have been able to make the best cleaning chemistries on the market even better, said Mary Beth Nooney, STERIS product manager.

The Prolystica Ultra Concentrate HP cleaning chemistries are designed for use in hospital washer/disinfectors. They are formulated for processing surgical instruments and are compatible with an extensive range of substrates, even soft metals. In addition to removing difficult soils, rinsing easily and employing faster cycle times, they are effective across a broad range of water quality. Further, Prolystica HP Cleaning Chemistries are designed to protect and maintain the life of the instruments and washers in which they are used; resulting in reductions in inventory and utility consumption.

Source: STERIS Corporation