Study Finds UV Light Decontamination System Effective in Killing Hospital-Acquired Bacteria


Spectra254, a developer of easy-to-use, affordable UVC light decontamination systems, has released a recent study by Johns Hopkins Medicine that reports that Spectra254’s Spectra 1000 Series of UV light decontamination system is highly effective in killing three major healthcare-acquired pathogens recently named by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as urgent or serious public health threats.

The Department of Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore conducted the 2014 study on the Spectra 1000 Series. The device was tested in an unoccupied, fully furnished intensive care hospital room and bathroom. The conclusion from the testing is that the Spectra 1000 Series delivers so much UV energy that it has the potential to kill pathogens directly and indirectly exposed to the UVC light.

“The Johns Hopkins study of the Spectra 1000 Series of UV light decontamination systems clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of these systems,” says Sanford Green, Spectra254 president. “Using a Spectra254 system can literally save lives, and reduce costs for medical care facilities and consumers in very concrete ways.”

To conduct the study, Johns Hopkins Medicine infected Formica sheets with MRSA, VRE and CRE. The inoculated plates were placed on horizontal surfaces or taped to vertical surfaces in direct line of UV light such as bed rails, top of tray table, top of chair arm, top of telephone, top of call bell, door of cabinet and in shaded areas such as the far side of the bedside table facing the wall, side of the chair facing the wall, back of the head of the bed, and placed 5 and 10 feet from the Spectra 1000 Series. After exposure, the Spectra 1000 Series killed the pathogens in both the directly exposed surfaces and those that were in partially shaded locations, including shaded sites, such as under the bed.

Spectra254’s product line of portable ultraviolet light-generating systems is ideal for use in hospitals, health clinics, food preparation areas and other settings where contamination is of critical concern. The Spectra 1000 Series of UV light decontamination system features high-intensity, custom-made lamps that broadcast a high output of UVC light to virtually every surface in the area being treated to kill pathogens such as C. difficile, MRSA, HIV, norovirus and salmonella. Spectra254 manufactures mobile systems that can decontaminate a space within 5 minutes, and provides a “green” supplement to the typical use of harsh chemicals. The company’s systems are manufactured and assembled in a U.S.-based ISO 9000 facility that meets or exceeds the quality assurance standards outlined by International Organization of Standards.

Source: Spectra254

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