Study Shows BioCote Antimicrobial Technology Effective Against CRE

Antimicrobial solutions provider BioCote Ltd. has demonstrated their antimicrobial technology can eliminate over 99.9 percent of a type of Carbapenem-resistant Enterobactriaceae (CRE) Klebsiella pneumoniae (CRKP). This is the fourth multidrug-resistant bacteria against which BioCote has proven effective.

CRE are a family of bacteria which, over the past decade, have been causing increasing problems in healthcare environments around the world.  CRE related infections most commonly occur amongst individuals who are hospitalised, critically ill or who require invasive devices such as ventilators as part of their healthcare. They are dangerous because they are resistant to the group of antibiotics known as carbapenems, which are recognized as being amongst the most powerful antibiotics.

BioCote Ltd, the antimicrobial specialists has spotted a gap in the market for technology to combat the CRE superbug. The independently-performed ISO 22196 test demonstrated that BioCotes antimicrobial technology eliminates over 99.9 percent of the bacterium CRE Klebsiella pneumoniae. These results also demonstrate that resistance to antibiotics in bacteria does not mean resistance to BioCote technology, and so BioCote remains an effective preventative against multi-drug resistant bacteria.

Richard Hasting, technical director at BioCote, says, We are always looking for ways in which our antimicrobial technology can solve a problem and support the healthcare industry. Multidrug-resistant pathogens are extremely worrying for the healthcare industry, and so the results from this test are very encouraging. Alongside good cleaning and disinfection procedures, BioCotes technology can help control antibiotic resistant bacteria in a healthcare environment. The development of new drugs to combat these infections is still necessary, but BioCote help to minimize the crisis by preventing the spread and survival of bacteria in the first place.

BioCote technology has already been proven to be effective against a wide range of bacteria and fungi. Other superbugs which BioCote has previously developed preventative antimicrobial technology against are methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Vencomycin-resistant Enterococcus and extended spectrum beta lactamase-producing E. coli.