Summit Medical Expands InstruSafe Portfolio With New Products

Summit Medical, Inc. announces the launch of its new InstruSafe® Care + Maintenance Products. The new product line, which is an extension of the InstruSafe brand that manufactures InstruSafe® Instrument Protection Trays, offers a variety of protection, cleaning and identification solutions such as assorted tip protectors, brushes and identification tapes.

The development of this new line was a natural and progressive step for Summit Medical to take in expanding the reach of its InstruSafe brand and increasing the number of solutions it offers to the customers it serves. And although the InstruSafe brand experienced large growth, its main goal has remained static – to increase surgical instrument longevity throughout the sterilization cycle.

“The InstruSafe team is made up of multiple individuals, including myself, that have a great deal of experience in the health care industry, specifically in sterile processing departments,” said Marcus Super, director of sales and marketing at Summit Medical. “We are familiar with the frustrations and inefficiencies that occur when the right tools aren’t available to properly care for and maintain your instruments. This is why we released our line of InstruSafe Care + Maintenance Products – to provide sterile processing professionals with the solutions they need to help create a more effective central service process.”

Along with making the care of surgical instruments easier and more efficient, the InstruSafe Care + Maintenance Products are meant to serve as a part of a preventive maintenance plan to help minimize the need to replace costly instruments.

Source: Summit Medical, Inc.