Surface Medical Announces Launch of CleanPatch

Surface Medical Inc. announces the launch of CleanPatch. It is known in the research community that hospital beds and stretchers are high-touch surfaces prone to damage, and have been shown to harbor pathogens -- including C. difficile, MRSA, VRE -- and initiate infectious disease outbreaks. SMIs primary research in a leading Canadian hospital found that more than 40 percent of mattresses in circulation were damaged and a subset contained pathogens.

There are more than 5 million mattresses in healthcare facilities in North America, and current alternatives to address damage are either expensive or unproven for widespread adoption. CleanPatch is a newly launched, first-in-class medical surface repair patch for hospital beds and stretchers designed to restore damaged mattresses to an intact surface to facilitate proper cleaning.

CleanPatch provides a real solution to an everyday problem in healthcare, says Barbara Potter, RN, BN, MHS, a former ICU nurse who provided SMI with the inspiration to develop CleanPatch. Not only is that a big win for patients and cost effective for hospitals, it also allows my fellow nurses and other healthcare workers to feel that they doing everything they can to support a patients return to health.

Following 18 months of development, SMI successfully completed a clinical assessment at the Foothills Hospital, Calgary, Alberta with the Ward of the 21st Century, which showed that CleanPatch held up to daily wear and performed well in the clinical setting. The results showed that CleanPatch did not harbor any more organisms than the original mattress surface that it was applied to and could therefore be cleaned as effectively.

Surface Medical is committed to working in collaboration with healthcare workers like Barbara Potter to understand the practical challenges they face, says Fabrizio Chiacchia, president and CEO. CleanPatch is the first medical surface repair patch that is clinically tested, safe and simple, and results in cost-savings for hospitals. We are eager to begin partnering with healthcare institutions as they adopt this innovative product in their facilities.

Surface Medical will be attending the upcoming CHICA National Scientific Conference in June in Ottawa to present this product to the scientific community.

Source: Surface Medical Inc.