Surface Medical Inc. Expands Its CleanPatch Product Line

Surface Medical Inc. (SMI) announces that it has expanded its CleanPatch® product offering with the introduction of a smaller size. In response to overwhelming feedback from healthcare customers around the world, SMI now offers a 5-centimeter (2-inch) circular CleanPatch designed to repair punctures and the earliest points of damage. This new offering features the same durability and performance as the 9 centimeter (3.5-inch) and 9-centimeter by 15-centimeter (3.5-inch by 6-inch) CleanPatch products.

“CleanPatch has been implemented in more than 360 healthcare facilities in nine countries, and we are continually asked for a smaller size to repair punctures,” says Tony Abboud, vice president of business development at SMI. “Following discussions with our current customers, we selected a circular patch for this newest product offering because it will safely and effectively repair the sides and edges of mattresses and stretchers – two areas that are frequently damaged.”

The new small circular CleanPatch is offered in a convenient box of 30 with a free implementation kit (Item #11001).

Source: Surface Medical Inc. (SMI)