Sustainable Cleaning Solution Uses Electrolyzed Water to Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect


ARAMARK, a world leader in providing professional facilities management services, is expanding its "Blue Cleaning" program using Ecolab's new Hydris technology. Tested in several ARAMARK customer locations across the country, this innovative and sustainable program uses electrically activated water (EAW) to clean, sanitize and disinfect most surface areas.

"We are excited to partner with Ecolab to deliver the next generation in sustainable cleaning," says Ron Mesaros, vice president of facility services for ARAMARK.  "With the addition of Ecolab technology, our 'Blue Cleaning' program can now be used to effectively sanitize and disinfect most surface areas, while reducing the overall impact on the environment."

In 2011, ARAMARK introduced its innovative "Blue Cleaning" program for cleaning floors, carpets and hard surface areas.  With the addition of Ecolab technology to sanitize and disinfect, the "Blue Cleaning" program can now be used for general purpose cleaning, sanitizing and or disinfecting on a variety of surfaces, including glass and mirrors, finished floors, wood laminate furniture, painted walls, stone, metals, kohler metals, plastics, and melamine surfaces. 

The Ecolab on-site production system electrically activates a water and mineral solution to create cleaning products that replace the need for all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, non-food contact disinfectants and sanitizers, floor cleaners and carpet extraction cleaners.

"Over 84 percent of the custodial operators who participated in our on-site testing reported that the Hydris solution performed as well or better than the existing cleaning protocol on countertops, desks, floors, glass, mirrors and metal surfaces," says Matt Judge, ARAMARK's senior director of facilities innovation. "We also found that operator safety increased with this new method of cleaning."

In addition, the Hydris solution allows the "Blue Cleaning" program to be used to sanitize and disinfect venues of all sizes, including universities, schools and convention centers.


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